Private solar PV systems

Avenston offers a full range of services, equipment and materials required for the turnkey construction of your private solar power plant:

  • Supply of equipment (solar panels, solar inverter, cables, electricity meter, etc.)
  • Construction, installation and commissioning works
  • Preparation of an application and a diagram of connection to Oblenergo grids
  • Coordination with Oblenergo of the solar power plant connection scheme
  • Provision of an invoice from Oblenergo for payment of services
  • Installation and commissioning of a solar power plant
  • Signing an agreement on the sale and purchase of electricity

Solar photovoltaic system – an engineering object designed to generate electricity by direct conversion of solar energy. On-grid photovoltaic power systems are used where there is grid.

Roof home solar power-stations

Great popularity in the segment of home solar power-stations belongs to roof projects, where solar modules are located not on the ground, but on a building roof. Roof placing of solar batteries allows to use the area of existing land lots more rationally and simultaneously to gain additional profits from roofs that except their basic function start to participate in generation of “solar” electric power. Solar power-station for a house allows substantial savings on electric power bills, and green tariff connection gives possibility to earn money, with maximal quick return of your investments in solar energy.

Avenston specialists have extensive practical experience in the construction of solar home power plants. We have installed solar panels for private households both for the sale of generated electricity at a “green” tariff, and for our own consumption. The design of all types of private solar power plants is based on our many years of experience in construction and service.

Scheme of on-grid solar PV power systems
Scheme of on-grid solar PV power systems

Usually PV system consists of solar modules and an inverter that converts the direct current produced by the solar modules into alternating current. The advantages of photovoltaic systems use is that their effectiveness, quiet operation, no need for complex maintenance and it is environmentally friendly. The specific implementation of the system is determined by the needs of the customer. An important advantage of the PV power systems is the fact that solar energy is environment friendly. Using alternative energy sources, you invest in preserving the purity of the world and contribute to its preservation for future generations.