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Avenston expands business relations and partners

On May 3, 2019, partners signed a corresponding Memorandum of Cooperation between Avenston and the Energy Investment Fund. This is another important step towards creating a favorable microclimate in the sphere of investment and business networking.
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Best medium-scale PV plant award

At the second Cisolar Awards 2019 ceremony, Avenston won the best solar power project in the category "Best medium-scale PV plant".
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Accreditation of Avenston by Ukrgasbank

Ukrgasbank carried out a detailed analysis of the activities of EPC-contractors and published a list of reliable contractors, in which Avenston was included.
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The Chief Executive Officer gave the interview to Solar Academy

Solar Academy, a professional school in the field of solar energy, interviewed the Chief Executive Officer, who noted the relevance of optimization work of solar power plants.
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Training “How to double the income of a solar power plant”

CEO of Avenston spoke at the training "How to double the income of a solar power plant" where shared valuable pieces of advice on planning PV power plants projects to improve their effectiveness.
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Avenston became a member of the EUEA

Last week Avenston became an member of the EUEA - an independent non-profit energy agency whose members are the largest and most famous international companies operating in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
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Avenston – General Engineering Partner of CISOLAR 2019

Avenston became a General Engineering Partner of CISOLAR 2019, the 8th International Conference and Exhibition of Solar Power in Central and Eastern Europe. The company invites to participate in the discussion on how to grow and develop a solar business.
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Avenston will share the ideas of increasing the profits of PV-power plant

Avenston will give a speech at a training session on increasing PV-power plant profits. On this training a great number of specialists from leading companies on current industry will be presented who are ready to give invaluable pieces of advice on how to accumulate and increase the capital.
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Bioenergy: Past, Present and Future

Bioenergy plays an important role in many low carbon development scenarios and can be particularly useful in long haul transport where alternative energy sources are not available. The expanded role of bioenergy is still under consideration, and sometimes disputes over the sustainability of production and use.
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Is there a second life for solar panels?

In recent years, there has been an active development of solar energy throughout the world. Each product and material has its own life and use. What is the fate of PV-modules, which have come to the end of expiration date?
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Influence of energy storage systems on implementation of RES

What is the key issue of introducing PV generation? How to neutralize VREs from renewable sources (VREs)?
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What does solar energy expect in 2019?

According to the analysis of previous reports on the results of 2018, solar energy has demonstrated itself in the best way among all types of RES, lending its development potential to the current year.
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