In this section you will find the latest news about our company, industry events, fresh and relevant interviews, and many other useful and interesting information. Solar energy, wind energy, new technologies like energy storage, smart grid, BIPV are the focus of our attention.
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Agroenergy business as a potential engine of the Ukrainian economy

According to AVENSTON experts, the development of agrivoltaic technologies is a highly efficient area for optimizing the Ukrainian energy system, in the face of the increasing share of variable generation using RES. Therefore, our company made a decision on a strategic move towards projects that integrate advanced technologies.
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Denmark provide $19 million to hydrogen production

The Danish government has announced the development of two renewables-powered energy storage projects, GreenLab P2X and HySynergy. The stored energy will be used as a fuel for buses, aircraft, and ships.
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Rooftop Solar PV Power Plants

The solar energy market in Ukraine is undergoing a transformation phase and is moving towards distributed generation and prosumerism. According to AVENSTON’s forecasts, in the period from 2020 to 2025, commercial rooftop PV power plants will gain more and more popularity in Ukraine.
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Participation in the VII International Forum for the PLS

AVENSTON CEO Dmytro Lukomskyi became one of the speakers of the VII International Forum for the Promotion of Legal Services, organized by the Yurydychna Praktyka Publishing House. Issues discussed: ideal legal service through the eyes of the client; trends and the state of the legal market today.
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IRENA CEO arrived for the first time in Ukraine

For the first time in the history of domestic renewable energy, Ukraine was visited by the Director-General of the International Agency for Renewable Energy IRENA, Francesco La Camera, at the invitation of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU).
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The Solar Energy Market Players Statement

On November 19, Avenstone CEO Dmytro Lukomskyi participated in a press conference of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine on the position of industry players in the context of the latest proposals of the Ministry of energy and environment protection of Ukraine.
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AVENSTON congratulated EUEA on its 10th anniversary

On November 14, our company had the honor of being part of a wonderful holiday - the anniversary of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency. In recognition of EUEA's contribution to the development of Ukraine's energy sector, Avenston became the official partner of the event and congratulated the Agency Director with a sweet surprise.
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A Cloudy Future of Ukraine’s PV industry

Dmytro Lukomskyi's column on Economic Truth business review about "cloudiness" over Ukrainian PV-market and new horizons for next year's industry
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Fundamentals of the crystalline silicon solar modules’ manufacturing

Article reviews the technology of solar modules based on silicon photovoltaic cells. Briefly considered a standard process that is used with small changes on the majority of today’s industrial enterprises producing silicon solar modules.
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What does solar energy expect in 2019?

According to the analysis of previous reports on the results of 2018, solar energy has demonstrated itself in the best way among all types of RES, lending its development potential to the current year.
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Non-traditional RES: reality or fiction?

The overall global trend today is towards environmental awareness, and renewable energy is under scrutiny. AVENSTON represents the review of non-traditional RES: lightning energy, cryogenic energy, gravitational energy and mirror mosaic in the Mojave Desert as concentrated-solar technology.
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Is there a second life for solar panels?

In recent years, there has been an active development of solar energy throughout the world. Each product and material has its own life and use. What is the fate of PV-modules, which have come to the end of expiration date?
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