In this section, you will find the latest news about our group, key industry events, as well as projects and deals in which companies from the Avenston group took part.

We are hiring

Avenston is looking for employees to work in the solar energy sector. We have some awesome jobs for both techies and managers in purchasing, sales and marketing.
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We are looking for partners in the field of solar energy

We invite professional installers of solar power plants with experience in the implementation of turnkey rooftop PV plants for long-term cooperation - design, equipment supply and installation.
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Solar Investment Promotion Committee

The Board of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine decided to create a Committee on attracting investments in the solar energy industry as part of ASEU.
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Commissioning and acceptance tests of 35 kV equipment

The specialists of Avenston and Avenston Engineering organized the implementation of commissioning works and acceptance tests for high-voltage 35 kV equipment.
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Global Construction Contractor Market Report

Avenston Group has been mentioned in report "Foundation, Structure, And Building Exterior Contractors Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030" as a company working on building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV).
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Looking for new employees!

We have been working in the Ukrainian market for over 10 years and are one of the leading players specializing in the implementation of projects using renewable energy technologies. In 2021, we continue to work on the launch of several new business activities that require an expansion of the team.
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Repair of 0.4/35 kV transformers for solar power plants

Avenston has organized repair works to restore the operability of 0.4/35 kV power transformers for commercial solar power plants
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Niwaki nursery

Avenston is looking for an operational partner for the joint implementation of Niwaki nursery project in the Kiev region, Ukraine.
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Hydrogen and RES: global applying practices

We already know a lot about renewable energy sources, but in recent years the topic of hydrogen has been raised more and more often. What is the role of the light chemical element of the Mendeleev periodic table in the renewable energy generation system? How do hydrogen production processes take place, and what are the global practices for its use?
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Solar Power Generation Calculators

In this article, we will consider the need and feasibility of using such a popular tool as "Solar Power Calculator" or "Solar Calculator"
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Electric boom. Solar refueling and green business

Reducing the cost of EV-batteries and ESS will reduce the cost of electric cars, and the presence of a charging station network with ESS and PV-modules will solve the problem of generation balance at all levels and to green the use of electric vehicles.
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On the development of alternative energy sources

In today's realities of growing global energy problems, the issues of transition to alternative sources of energy supply are becoming more and more urgent.
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