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The fundamental phase of the next project has been completed

Avenston has completed the design of the new PV power plant, which will be located in the Eastern region of the country.
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Avenston – General Engineering Partner of SEF 2019

For several years in a row, Avenston has been acting as a permanent General Engineering Partner of the world-famous Sustainable Energy Forum of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2019.
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Avenston became a member at the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine

Last week, Avenston joined the Solar Energy Association, with which will be working on the rapid development of clean renewable energy.
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Detailed Energy Club interview with the CEO of the company

In an interview with Energy Club, CEO of Avenston Dmytro Lukomskyi described the process of building a successful company, the interaction of market players with the government, and gave a comment on the establishment of the new law concerning auctions.
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Kropyvnytskyi: beginning of construction for the station

Another ground-based solar power station will be built in the central part of Ukraine under the leadership of the Avenston company .
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Avenston Group has started another construction of PV power plant

In spring 2019, Avenston began construction of industrial solar power plant with installed solar modules capacity of 16.3 MW.
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Avenston expands business relations and partners

On May 3, 2019, partners signed a corresponding Memorandum of Cooperation between Avenston and the Energy Investment Fund. This is another important step towards creating a favorable microclimate in the sphere of investment and business networking.
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Best medium-scale PV plant award

At the second Cisolar Awards 2019 ceremony, Avenston won the best solar power project in the category "Best medium-scale PV plant".
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«Low energy transition»

There is the only one expert opinion at present - we are in for the global electrification of the transition to renewable energy sources and the associated transformation of infrastructure in all areas. Further development of solar power generation will be the most powerful driver of these processes. What are the obvious and hidden factors that will prompt to such changes?
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Fundamentals of the technology production of silicon solar cells

Photovoltaic or solar cells are semiconductor devices that convert sunlight into electricity. Today crystalline silicon and thin-film silicon solar cells are liders on the commercial systems market for terrestrial applications.
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Main model contracts for project implementaion

In the world practice of construction and implementation of various projects, different types of contracts are used, which regulate relations in the field of management and control of construction.
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Utility-scale solar power plants

Solar PV Station (PV farm or PV power plant) – a type of power generating facilities use direct conversion of solar energy into electricity.
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