Avenston’s procurement process is grounded on its own financial regulations and rules, while giving due consideration to the following generally accepted procurement principles:

  • Fairness, integrity and transparency of the procurement process
  • Best value for money
  • Effective competition
  • The interests of the company

The core principle underlying the Avenston’s procurement process is to obtain the “best value for money”. Obtaining the ‘best value for money’ means selection of an offer which presents the optimum combination of life-cycle costs and benefits, and meets the business unit’s requirements. Best value for money should not be confused with the lowest price option. Rather, it requires an integrated assessment of technical, organisational and pricing factors and considering their relative importance. For example, reliability, quality, experience, reputation, past performance, realistic costs/fees and reasonableness.

As competition is the basis for impartial and transparent procurement, business units are also responsible for protecting the integrity of the procurement process and maintaining fairness and confidentiality in company’s treatment of all offers. The objective of Avenston`s competitive processes is to provide all eligible prospective suppliers with timely and adequate notification of our requirements, and equal opportunity to tender for the required goods, civil works or services.

We are interested in purchasing solar panels, solar inverters, cables, metal structures, transformers and transformer substations, cable sleeves, power tools, batteries and other equipment that can be used in projects for the construction of solar power plants and other renewable energy facilities.

Contact details for procurement section at Avenston is as follows: In the event that you believe you have not been fairly treated, please contact us via form at our contact page.

To ensure a level playing field and adhere to the principles of equal participation in tenders, all invitations to participate in goods and services procurement tenders are sent only from corporate email addresses of Avenston. Any invitations from other communication channels must duplicate by a formal invitation to tender from the company’s official mailboxes.



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