Backup Power Supply

In addition to industrial BESS, Avenston provides its customers with installation services for commercial backup and uninterruptible power supply systems of small and medium power. We work with leading international manufacturers of appropriate equipment and have ample opportunities to solve various tasks to ensure a stable and reliable energy supply for our customers’ facilities.

Backup power systems by Avenston are used for offices, manufacturing and agricultural enterprises, shopping malls, warehouses, cafes and restaurants, hotels, gas stations and many other types of business. We solve various technical problems and select the most effective engineering solutions for clients, taking into account all their requirements and wishes. Our company undertakes a full range of works and services: design, assembly, installation and commissioning. We provide the author’s supervision during installation work and provide technical support at the initial stages of operation, ensuring reliable operation and compliance with warranty obligations.

Avenston’s backup power systems and uninterruptible power supplies allow you to ensure power availability during an external power outage. Battery power can be supplied to all consumers or to a separate group. Our systems work both when there is a permanent lack of connection to the power supply network and during a temporary power outage. This will allow your business to comfortably survive periods of power outages. Your employees or visitors will be able to use lighting, electrical equipment, have access to the Internet, charge computers and laptops, and mobile phones. Depending on the parameters of the system and the characteristics of electricity consumption, it is possible to ensure operation during the required period of time.



Avenston works with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, including such well-known companies as SMA Solar Technology AG, Victron Energy, BMZ Group, Pylon Technologies Co. and many others. We have more than 12 years of practical experience, which guarantees the speed of implementation of projects of any complexity.

The exact composition and parameters of your system are calculated after a detailed study of the task set by the customer and the preparation of the design documentation. If it is necessary, Avenston can perform a wider range of works to provide power supply to your enterprise or business, taking into account all existing limitations and possibilities. The list of our services also includes additional services necessary for the successful and quick implementation of your project. We are open to cooperation and will gladly discuss all the nuances of your request, choosing the most rational technical solution for you.

Other engineering solutions by Avenston

Solar power plants for self-consumption

Avenston designs and builds commercial solar PV power plants. Power generation for self-consumption is an efficient and profitable solution to reduce energy costs for enterprises.
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On-grid Solar Power Plants

This type of solar power plant is used to run parallel to the electrical grid to save on utility bills. Surplus solar electricity can be transferred to the external grid as needed.
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Backup Solar Power Systems

Use of backup solar power-stations together with systems of electric power accumulation and storage allows to completely avoid interruptions in electric power supply.
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Stand-alone Solar Systems

Stand-alone off-grid photovoltaic systems are used where there is no centralized power lines (construction is difficult or economically not feasible) or for power supply to mobile objects.
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Types of Solar PV Systems

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