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Solar power plants for self-consumption

The implementation of engineering solutions and solar PV technologies will allow meeting the needs for electricity during daylight hours and fixing the cost of generated electricity at about 1 UAH per kWh for the next 25-30 years. During periods when solar energy is insufficient, the existing power grid will be automatically used. The main economic effect of the operation of a solar power plant arises from a significant decrease in the funds that are spent on the purchase of electricity from the power supply company.

The volume of electricity replacement can be 70-90% in the spring-summer and 15-20% in the autumn-winter periods (approximately 30-50% per year, depending on the nature of energy consumption at a particular facility). The payback period of the PV station will directly depend on the current tariffs for traditional electricity set for your enterprise and their changes in the future. Taking into account the current electricity tariffs for enterprises, the approximate payback period of solar power plants does not exceed 5 years.

Avenston has designed and built commercial solar power plants of various types since 2010. One of the most important areas of our activity is general contracting for the construction of solar PV power plants designed to generate electricity for self-consumption of the enterprises where they are installed. Avenston Group of companies has experience in implementing projects of this type (the first solar power plant for self-consumption was built by our specialists in 2014), has the necessary qualifications, experience and knowledge. We provide all the necessary services: we plan and simulate a solar power plant at the stage of collecting initial data, we are engaged in the development and approval of project documentation, we supply a complete set of equipment and materials to the construction site, we carry out all construction and electrical work, commissioning the facility, and also take on self subsequent service.

Solar power plants for self-consumption provide for close integration into the existing or projected internal power grids of the consumer so that the energy produced by the solar PV power plant is maximally synchronized with the consumption schedule, and also guarantees the minimum allowable flows to the external grid. Often, solar power plants of this type are supplemented with equipment for controlling power flows or equipped with energy storage systems that allow more flexible combination of generation and consumption. Although the design of this type of solar power plant can be any, the most rational is the use of rooftop photovoltaic installations and BIPV systems, which allows you to get additional profit from unproductive areas and significantly increases values of the property.

Advantages of solar power plants from Avenston:

We offer businesses a winning solution to reduce energy costs. This is a commercial solar power plant for self-consumption. The photovoltaic system will have the best suit to load conditions of your enterprise and allow you to reduce or completely refuse to purchase electricity from the external grid. The project implements within 2-4 months, and the saving begins from the first minute of the launch of the station.

A solar power plant for own consumption provides the following important advantages:
– saving on the consumption of electricity from external energy suppliers at the expense of its own source of generation;
– receiving a long-term fixed price for electricity, which is significantly lower than the market price;
– taking a step towards energy independence from natural monopolies and dirty traditional energy sources;
– producing products using clean “green” energy;
– reducing the cost of production by reducing the cost of electricity;
– increasing the capitalization of the business, since its own solar power plant is an asset;
– avoiding “carbon tax” for exporting producers;
– reducing your carbon footprint and reduce the negative impact on the environment;
– following the concept of sustainable development.

AVENSTON company performs all turnkey works up to putting the solar power plant into operation and monitoring of its work subsequently. Upon request, a client concludes an agreement with AVENSTON for O&M of their solar power plants. Contact us, and highly professional engineers of our company will develop a project of Solar power plant for self-consumption for the existing infrastructure of your enterprise, taking into account the level and mode of consumption, the shape of the roof, free space on the ground, climate, terrain, level of insolation in the region, etc. Work on your project will include all stages, from concept development and design to equipment delivery, construction, staff training, and commissioning of PV power plant.

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The energy resource of solar radiation is free and inexhaustible!


Ukraine located in a suitable region with a sufficient level of solar insolation for the construction of Solar power plants, even in the northern regions of the country.

In 2019, 3,537 MW of solar power was built and launched in Ukraine. The business is trying to adapt to new conditions and is actively installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of its enterprises. Therefore, the demand for commercial Solar power plants is growing due to the development of technologies, increasing the efficiency of solar cells, reducing the cost of photovoltaic energy, and the popularization of renewable energy sources.

Modifications of PV power plants for self-consumption

There are several ways to implement PV power plants for self-consumption. The installation of solar modules is possible both on the ground and on the roof (storage facilities, production shops, supermarkets, shopping and office centers, farms, hotels, etc.).


  • An Autonomous Solar Power Station completely excludes the purchase of electricity from the Ukrenergo-grid. The project provides the use of storage systems to save unclaimed energy during peak generation hours. Accumulated electricity using when a high load or lack of generation. Such installations are completely autonomous and provide the owner with energy independence. Great for customers whose business is located in areas with insufficiently stable energy supply.
  • An On-grid Solar Power Station connects to an external grid. If the generated electricity is not enough (winter, night), energy consumption comes from the Ukrenergo-grid. In such installations, a grid solar inverter dumps electricity from the panels into the internal grid of the enterprise. Unclaimed electricity is sold to the external network at the green tariff.
  • Solar Hybrid Power Station combines the previous two, when there is a system of electric energy storage and, at the same time, in case of a lack of own electricity, remains the possibility to get it from the Ukrenergo-grid. This installation is used when the client wants to sell excess electricity and be able to save it in case of power outages or for consumption at night.

How does it work?

Installed on the roof (or on the ground) PV modules convert solar radiation into direct current. Connecting cables sent current to the inverter station. Inverters convert direct current to alternating current. In the case of an autonomous or hybrid PV-station, the intermediate stage is the conservation of excess electricity in the batteries. The electric alternating current is supplied to the consumer.

The advantages of PV power plants for self-consumption

✔️ The inexhaustibility of solar energy ✔️ Reduce energy costs ✔️ Environmental Responsibility and Positive Company Image
✔️ Lack of landscape restrictions ✔️ Low operation and maintenance costs ✔️ Company energy independence
✔️ Quiet operation and long lifetime ✔️ High profitability, payback period 5-7 years ✔️ Profit from the sale of electricity to the grid


Project stages of PV power plants for self-consumption

этапы строительства солнечных электростанций

Frequently asked Questions

What should be the placement and angle of the modules?

When installing solar panels, it is important to set the correct solar azimuth. An ideal disposition is an orientation to the geographic south +/- 15%. If the panels are installed on the ground, it is not a problem to set the angle. But for rooftop solar stations, it is more difficult to fulfill. If the roof slope is not oriented exactly south, an angle deviation of up to 30% is allowed. In this case, a decrease in efficiency of about 6% is possible. Since the Earth revolves around the Sun, its location in the sky changes both during a day and throughout the year. To maintain the maximum efficiency of solar modules, they install on mobile trackers, allowing them to change the angle to the optimum. But in most cases, a fixed group of modules is positioned at a fixed angle of 25-35 degrees. In the case of a mobile system, the slope of the modules changes twice a year by 10-15 degrees decreases/increases in the summer/winter. Also, when a commercial rooftop solar power plant installing, it takes into account the natural slope of the roof slope towards the horizon. If the roof is too flat or, conversely, has a strong slope, special fastenings and brackets are used.

What is the economics of PV power plants for self-consumption?

The payback and profitability of a solar power plant are individual parameters for each project and depend on several factors. The main ones are the insolation level and the station purpose. For example, solar power plants for the “green tariff” in the west and north of the country pay off in 7-8 years, while autonomous stations in these regions pay off for more than 10 years. In the southern regions of Ukraine, projects of commercial solar power plants pay off in 3-4 years. The cost of the station is approximately calculated from $ 660 per kW and depends on the equipment chosen, the necessary preparatory and construction work, and the individual needs of the client.

How to install a solar power plant for self-consumption, what is need for this?

You should contact us by phone, email, or fill out a form on the site. We carefully collect and study all the input data for the project and offer you the best technical solution, taking into account the tasks of the future PV-station, the main indicators of the enterprise load, ways of placing modules, etc. We build solar stations for many years, so we have clear procedures and algorithms. Each stage of the project (pre-design work, design, equipment supply, construction, and commissioning PV-plant) carries out according to clear rules, without unexpected adjustments, and force majeure suspensions.

AVENSTON managers are always ready to discuss your questions! If something remains unanswered – we are waiting for feedback from you! Тел. +380 (66) 508-07-64, commerce@avenston.com