Analytics, expert articles, historical facts, topical interviews, introduction to modern technologies and more about the renewable energy industry. The main focus is on solar power. Overview of current issues related to the engineering, construction and operation of commercial solar power plants. Analysis of market dynamics, forecasts and facts.

Solar energy in bakery production

A brief overview of modern experience and best practices in the application of solar energy technologies in bakery production in the context of the overall energy efficiency of the bakery industry.
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Utility-scale and commercial solar power plants

Solar power has become increasingly popular in recent years due to a growing interest in renewable energy sources. There are significant differences between solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use.
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What impacts the cost of solar power systems?

There are many factors that affect the price a contractor offers a PV system investor. Solar PV systems are unique products and the price you pay is highly dependent on a variety of factors.
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Basics of solar energy for business

Commercial solar power plants can make a real difference to your business. If you're looking for an energy-efficient alternative to lower your electricity bills, solar power can be a good choice.
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European EPCs: 3 questions to Avenston

Renewables.Digital has introduced its readers to leading EPCs in Europe. They asked the CEO of Avenston about the company's activities and plans.
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East-West Solar Power Plants

This article provides a detailed analysis of the ways in which solar panels in a PV system can be oriented simultaneously to the east and west, including the identification of their advantages and characteristics.
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A hybrid PV system based on a car canopy

We are pleased to introduce our new product for business owners - a hybrid solar power plant based on a carport, which embodies modern technologies and solutions for the most efficient use of green energy.
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How to choose the best solar modules

In the modern world, solar PV modules are one of the most efficient and sustainable energy sources. Сhoosing the right solar module manufacturer is key to maximising performance and durability.
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Our news

Avenston is a Board of Directors member of CBU

We are glad to announce that our company joined the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) and joined the Board of Directors of this organization. CBU is the largest sectoral association of builders, representing over 800 members from all regions of Ukraine.
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Membership in the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

In May 2024, our company became a member of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, which unites Ukrainian businesses regardless of scale, industry and geography of activity. The Union advocates innovation and the opening of new markets for Ukrainian companies.
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BISCOTTI Rooftop Solar Power Plant

A solar photovoltaic plant was built in Lviv on the roof of a food factory. The solar modules occupy an area of 1,818.6 square meters and have a total installed DC capacity of 387.2 kW. Type of SPP: rooftop, on-grid for self-consumption of electricity, voltage 0.4 kV.
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Participation in the Ukrainian Energy Initiative

The Avenston company joined the Ukrainian Energy Initiative and signed the relevant Declaration. We express our commitment to accelerate the reconstruction, restoration and modernization of the energy sector of Ukraine.
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