Investment Activity

An important driver of the Avenston Group activity is the improvement of the living standards of society through the use of a wide range of modern technologies. We specialize in investments and implementation of projects that use renewable energy sources, energy efficient technologies, aimed at the production of environmentally friendly products, health monitoring, and so on. We are constantly working to improve the efficiency of our projects, carefully developing and implementing modern engineering solutions.

Avenston Group has already acted as an investor and partner in several projects related to the use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources. In addition, we are actively investing in related areas. Our interests include high-tech projects in the agricultural sector, logisitics and commercial real estate.

Development of investment projects

Avenston Group conducts its own development of investment projects and invites potential investors to be involved in our projects at any stage of development and jointly implement them.
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Co-investment and partnership

The Avenston Group has been an investor and partner in several projects related to the use of solar energy and other RES. In addition, we diversify our portfolio and actively invest in related areas.
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Venture investments and startups

We are considering venture capital investment opportunities. Our priority areas are projects in the field of renewable energy, energy saving, energy storage and storage, smart grids and microgrids.
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Portfolio investment

Our company is engaged in the management of small portfolio investments in assets in the energy, real estate and industrial sectors. The investment strategy assumes working with average levels of risk.
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