Development and investments

An important driver of the Avenston Group activity is the improvement of the living standards of society through the use of a wide range of modern technologies. We specialize in investments and implementation of projects that use renewable energy sources, energy efficient technologies, aimed at the production of environmentally friendly products, health monitoring, and so on. We are constantly working to improve the efficiency of our projects, carefully developing and implementing modern engineering solutions.

Avenston Group has already acted as an investor and partner in several projects related to the use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources. In addition, we are actively investing in related areas. Our interests include high-tech projects in the agricultural sector and commercial real estate.

The priority area of ​​our investment activity is the search and implementation of projects on partnership terms. The Avenston Group is considering investment opportunities and is ready to enter projects as a partner, and also invites investors to join our projects. We consider investments both in promising startups and in the expansion of existing businesses.

The company’s experts systematically analyze and carefully select investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy, commercial real estate and the agricultural sector. Our focus is on projects that are primarily related to the use of solar energy, BESS, geothermal energy sources and other renewable energy sources. The introduction of IT technologies to improve the efficiency of projects in the above areas is also one of the focuses of the Avenston Group.

Renewable Energy Projects

Avenston is also considering the possibility of joint investment in renewable energy projects, or it may be the only investor in projects that meet our requirements.
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Real Estate Projects

Our company carries out the development of real estate projects.
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