Industrial solar power plants – design and construction of renewable energy sources

Avenston became a member at the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine

Last week, Avenston joined the Solar Energy Association, with which will be working on the rapid development of clean renewable energy.
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Detailed Energy club interview with the CEO of the company

In an interview with Energy Club Energy Club, CEO of Avenston, Dmytro Lukomskyi described the process of building a successful company, the interaction of market players with the government, and gave a comment on the establishment of the new law concerning auctions.
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We are sincerely convinced that our country is a very promising market open to the wider use of renewable energy sources.

Sincerely yours,
Avenston's team

Pavshyno Solar PV power plant

The solar power plant (photovoltaic station) "Pavshyno Solar" will be built in 2019 in the Transcarpathian region.
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Umitli Dnipro PV power plant

The solar power plant (photovoltaic station) "Umitli Dnipro" will be built in 2019 in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The power plant will occupy an area of 8 hectares, and the total power of the installed solar panels (photovoltaic modules) will be 5.7 MW.
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Rykhta PV power plant

The solar power station (photovoltaic station) "Rykhta" was built in 2018 in the Khmelnytsky region. The power plant occupies an area of 5 hectares, and the total power of the installed solar panels (photoelectric modules) is 2,178 MW.
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Komyshuvate PV power plant

This solar facility has been designed for the production and sale of electricity to get all benefits of a green tariff acting in Ukraine.
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Solar Power Plants

Solar power is one of the most promising and dynamic parts of the RE industry. The annual increase in the capacity put into operation is about 40-50%. In just a decade and a half the share of solar electricity in the world energy industry exceeded the mark of 5%. Improving the technology of manufacturing photovoltaic modules has led to a significant reduction in the cost of solar electricity. In more than 30 countries (Germany, Chile, Australia, Mexico), solar electricity has become cheaper than that derived from traditional (oil, gas, coal) sources.
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