Solar power plants – design, construction, maintenance


Our group of companies, as a co-investor, began the implementation of a project for the construction of a networked ground-based photovoltaic solar station. This asset will be put into operation by the end of 2021.
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KATERYNIVKA Solar PV Power Plant

In 2019 the KATERYNIVKA PV Power Plant built in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The PV-plant covers an area of ​​20 hectares and has 13.5 MW of total solar panels capacity.
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In 2019 NOVOPETRIVKA PV Power Plant built in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The PV-plant covers of ​​10 ha and has a total capacity of 6.5 MW.
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Construction of Avenston RE Hub

The project to build its own administrative complex with a platform for various business events was launched by the company in 2019. Our RE Hub will occupy an area of 1,6 hectares.
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Solar photovoltaic plants and other renewable energy assets in Ukraine

"We are sincerely convinced that our country is a very promising market open to long term investments and the wider use of any renewable energy sources as well as solar PV power plants".

Sincerely yours,
Avenston's team

Equipment exchange fund for solar power plants

We would like to inform you about the expansion of equipment list at our service warehouse. Avenston constantly stores an equipment exchange fund for the main brands and types of solar inverters and other equipment for solar power plants.
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Implementation of hydrogen energy projects

Our company is engaged in the analysis of the possibilities of using hydrogen in the fields of transport, energy and industry, with a focus on the prospects for introducing hydrogen technologies into projects using renewable energy sources.
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The Avenston Group is one of the leaders in the solar energy market in Ukraine, that professionally implementing green energy projects since 2010. During this time, the Avenston’s team has accumulated vast practical experience in the production and implementation of the most advanced solar energy technologies. Our specialists deeply understand both the specifics of individual photovoltaic equipment (solar inverters, solar panels/modules) required to generate solar electricity, and the specifics of the implementation of such complex projects as the construction of industrial (commercial) solar power plants – ground and roof-top.

Turnkey design and construction of solar power plants

Our core competence is system integration and complex implementation of modern engineering solutions with a focus on commercial solar power plants. We manage solar energy projects from the initial phase to full implementation, including providing the necessary organizational, technical and service support during the operation of PV systems. Avenston is an experienced developer and EPC-contractor who takes care of all issues related to the implementation of projects of any complexity. All the necessary specialists work in our staff, thanks to which our company can independently carry out any work on the design, supply of equipment and the construction of solar power plants. We have accumulated extensive experience in allocating land plots for the construction of industrial facilities and obtaining permits for connecting power facilities to the grids, which allows us to successfully implement projects for the construction of solar power plants of varying complexity and capacity.

Solar power plants of all types (on-grid, hybrid, BIPV)

The activities of our business group cover all types of solar energy facilities, including commercial solar power plants for own consumption, land-based industrial solar power plants, solar energy cooperatives, solar power plants with a green tariff (FIT) or auction system, private household solar power plants, BIPV systems, agricultural solutions. Also, Avenston is engaged in the design and implementation of projects related to the modernization of existing solar power plants and the installation of such additional systems as battery energy storage (BESS), generation forecasting systems and many others.

Our portfolio includes ground-based solar power plants, rooftop solar power plants, solar power plants for commercial enterprises, solar power plants and solar carports for shopping centers (shopping malls), solar PV power plants for manufacturing facilities, solar power plants for logistics centers and warehouses, solar power plants for offices, solar power plants for farms and agricultural enterprises, solar power systems for hotels and restaurants, solar power plants for vehicle service stations and gas stations, solar power plants for greenhouses, BIPV and many other types of engineering solutions in solar energy.