Avenston became a member of the EUEA

Last week Avenston became an member of the EUEA - an independent non-profit energy agency whose members are the largest and most famous international companies operating in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
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Avenston – General Engineering Partner of CISOLAR 2019

Avenston became a General Engineering Partner of CISOLAR 2019, the 8th International Conference and Exhibition of Solar Power in Central and Eastern Europe. The company invites to participate in the discussion on how to grow and develop a solar business.
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We are sincerely convinced that our country is a very promising market open to the wider use of renewable energy sources.

Sincerely yours,
Avenston's team

Rykhta PV power plant

Rykhta solar PV power plant has been developed, designed by our group and built by Avenston.
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Komyshuvate PV power plant

This solar facility has been designed for the production and sale of electricity to get all benefits of a green tariff acting in Ukraine.
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‘Tavanska-2’ solar power plant is completed

At the end of January 2018 in the city of Berislav, the Kherson region, the first photovoltaic solar power plant ‘Tavanska-2’ with installed DC capacity of solar modules of 8.2 MW was put into operation.
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Ozerna solar power plant

Operation and maintenance phase of ground solar power-station ‘Ozerna’ started in Yavoriv district of the Lviv oblast.
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Solar Power Plants

Solar power is one of the most promising and dynamic parts of the RE industry. The annual increase in the capacity put into operation is about 40-50%. In just a decade and a half the share of solar electricity in the world energy industry exceeded the mark of 5%. Improving the technology of manufacturing photovoltaic modules has led to a significant reduction in the cost of solar electricity. In more than 30 countries (Germany, Chile, Australia, Mexico), solar electricity has become cheaper than that derived from traditional (oil, gas, coal) sources.
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Geothermal power plants: advantages and disadvantages

Some researchers believe that geothermal energy will eventually be about 1/6 of the global energy supply, while others, on the contrary, give it a minimal chance of further existence ... It is your choice whether to invest in building a geothermal power station
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What does solar energy expect in 2019?

According to the analysis of previous reports on the results of 2018, solar energy has demonstrated itself in the best way among all types of RES, lending its development potential to the current year.
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Is there a second life for solar panels?

In recent years, there has been an active development of solar energy throughout the world. Each product and material has its own life and use. What is the fate of PV-modules, which have come to the end of expiration date?
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Small Solar Energy – Growth Factors

The development of PV generation at all power levels contributes significantly to the Global Implementation of Renewable Energy Sources (AES)
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