AVENSTON GROUP is Ukrainian industrial group of companies focused on project management, consulting, investments and implementing renewable energy technology projects and energy-efficient solutions. We support the efficiency growth of our projects by developing and implementing modern engineering solutions. Our group brings superior innovation, experience and capabilities through in-depth knowledge of renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors and understanding of market dynamics. Our principal executive office is located in Kyiv (Ukraine) and the structure of our business includes several different branches. Key areas of Avenston’s activity are the following: solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, hydropower, geothermal energy, agricultural sector, industry, commercial real estate.

Our group of companies is a co-founder and member of the Board of the Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine (ASEU), was a member of several industry associations: EUEA, Energy Club and EBA. Avenston supplies brands such as Renesola, Hanwha Q-Cells, Trina Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Solitek, Onyx Solar and many other solar module manufacturers. We are also product and service partners of SMA, Huawei, Sungrow, Panasonic, Fronius. Avenston cooperates with banks and international financial organizations on financing projects in the field of clean energy. Our projects have received high awards and prizes. Among the achievements of Avenston Group there are many unique solar energy solutions that were implemented on real commercial projects:

  • the first hybrid commercial solar power plant in Ukraine with a capacity of 250 kWp, producing electricity for the self-consumption of an agricultural enterprise and using a power flow control system designed by our engineers;
  • one of the first industrial ground-based solar PV power plants in Ukraine with a capacity of 90 kWp, built on biaxial solar trackers, which allow tracking the direction of the sun and orienting solar panels in the most efficient position;
  • the first in Ukraine rooftop BIPV solar power plant with a capacity of 132 kWp (solar panels were used instead of roofing materials during the reconstruction of the building);
  • the first industrial solar power plant with a capacity of 2.2 MWp, built entirely without the use of concrete and made 100% on metal geo-screws (in 2019 this facility received the award “Best Medium Size PV Installation”), later this technology was used for several ground-based solar power plants with a total capacity of more than 30 MW.


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Avenston is a management company providing full support for investment projects in Ukraine. An expert in the management of renewable energy projects – investment, development, construction, operation. The company’s portfolio includes dozens of projects that have been successfully implemented by our team. The main goal of Avenston is to provide its partners with maximum added value by effectively applying the accumulated practical experience and knowledge.

Avenston Capital supports institutional and private investors by providing partners with best-in-class advice and support on capital raising and project finance. Investment oriented business model enables us to focus solely on achieving the best possible result for our projects and minimizing their execution risks. Our focus is on projects that are primarily related to the use of solar energy, BESS, geothermal and other renewable energy sources. Now the business development department of Avenston Capital thoroughly analyzes and selects investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy and other areas.

Avenston Engineering focused on turnkey project management and implementation of renewable energy projects. Our qualifications and long-term professional experience allow us to perform projects of any complexity. We practice individual approach to each of our project, aiming at the most effective problem solving and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. The key activity is O&M of operating facilities.

Management team of AVENSTON GROUP has vast experience in engineering and finance, which, combined with our hands-on renewable energy knowledge and wide network of partners provides the necessary capacity and motivation to deliver high quality projects from inception to maturity.

History of Avenston Group

The history of the Avenston Group began in 2001, when key employees of our team took part in a successful project to launch the serial production of silicon solar cells which was the first and at that time the largest in the CIS. On the basis of this production facility, in 2003-2004, the technology of solar modules manufacturing was developed and the new serial production was launched. All these activities also included scientific and practical activities, within the framework of which a number of R&D studies were carried out with the involvement of leading scientific institutions of Ukraine, Turkey and the UK.

In 2007-2009, our team implemented several investment projects in Ukraine and the United States related to the production of photovoltaic components under the SolarUA brand.

In 2010, Rentechno company was founded – at that time the general contractor in the field of solar PV energy. The first projects for the construction of industrial solar power plants were implemented in 2011-2012 with the aim of obtaining benefits using  Feed-in tariffs. Since 2013, our group has launched its own development of projects in the field of renewable energy.

In order to ensure a high level of customer service in the context of market environment transformations, Avenston LLC was founded in 2018. The company is actual member of Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, has been accredited by UkrGazBank and became a member of the list of trusted EPC-contractors. Since 2019, Avenston has been investing its own funds in various projects, actively providing consulting services on projects in the field of renewable energy, and also professionally manages operating assets.

At the beginning of 2021, due to the intensive growth of activities related to the design, installation and maintenance of engineering systems, our engineering department was significantly expanded and transformed into a separate company, Avenston Engineering LLC.

Social responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility is about ensuring that organization manage own business to make a positive impact on the society and the environment whilst maximizing value for their shareholders and stakeholders. It is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations. As a member of today’s global community, AVENSTON GROUP are striving to adapt to the evolving needs of society and contribute to its sustainable development. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts to lessen our impact on the environment, conduct responsible business practices, and uphold the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

At the core of our commitment to corporate responsibility are our stakeholders — the people who affect and are affected by our business actions. These include regulators, investors, business partners, employees and communities where we work and live. AVENSTON GROUP is committed to explain and demonstrate the positive impact that renewable energy and energy efficiency systems could have on society, the environment and our climate.

Renewable energy’s activities

Engineering and Design

Avenston offers services for engineering support of projects related to the construction of real estate, industry and energy facilities.
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Procurement and Construction

Avenston offers services for the implementation of construction projects in the field of real estate, industry and energy facilities.
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Owner’s Engineering Services

Avenston provides Owner's Engineering Services, including project construction supervision, project analysis, commissioning, project and contract management, and acceptance tests.
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General contracting and project support

Avenston Group offers comprehensive general contracting in the construction and reconstruction of structures for any purpose throughout Ukraine.
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Project Implementation

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