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One of the key benefits of the company is the enormous practical experience of implementing various renewable energy projects. In this section you will be able to familiarize with selected examples of our projects, ranging from the provision of consulting services to complete turnkey project support.
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Rykhta PV power plant

Rykhta solar PV power plant has been developed, designed by our group and built by Avenston.
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Komyshuvate PV power plant

This solar facility has been designed for the production and sale of electricity to get all benefits of a green tariff acting in Ukraine.
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‘Tavanska-2’ solar power plant is completed

At the end of January 2018 in the city of Berislav, the Kherson region, the first photovoltaic solar power plant ‘Tavanska-2’ with installed DC capacity of solar modules of 8.2 MW was put into operation.
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Ozerna solar power plant

Operation and maintenance phase of ground solar power-station ‘Ozerna’ started in Yavoriv district of the Lviv oblast.
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Zaria Solar PV power plant

Zaria PV power plant was designed and launched by our group as a full-cycle EPC-contractor.
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Vidrodjeniia PV power plant

Roof-mounted Vidrodjeniia solar PV power plant was designed and launched by our group as a full-cycle EPC-contractor.
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Track-Solar PV power plant

Roof-mounted Track-Solar PV power plant was designed and launched by our group as a full-cycle EPC-contractor.
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Rasvet Solar PV power plant

This terrestrial solar power station was built to increase eco-clean electric power production and further  profit-making from green tariff sales. Solar power station is projected with application of string invertors and poly-Si solar modules.
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Industrial solar power plants

Avenston Company is a synthesis of a powerful engineering design cluster based on its many developments and know-how in its work, and an advanced production base that has vast experience in construction and installation work and exploitation. This allowed us to successfully implement a number of projects for the construction of industrial solar power stations, the total capacity of which exceeds one hundred megawatts. We are not only able to design and build solar power plants, we are able to organize the process in a complex way, from the choice of land and solutions to all issues related to starting the plant in operation, and before starting work at a green tariff.

We have accumulated experience in the construction of solar energy for the most different purposes:
– Powerful (10+ MW) industrial solar power plants.
– Ground solar power plants of medium (3-10 MW) power.
– Roof solar power plants, including the location of several buildings.
– Industrial standby solar power plants, etc.

The attractiveness of Ukrainian solar energy

In 2017, a new record for the capacity of solar power plants put into operation in Ukraine could be set.
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Solar energy is one of the areas of renewable energy, which is based on the direct conversion of solar energy into other forms of energy, such as electricity or heat.
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Is there a second life for solar panels?

In recent years, there has been an active development of solar energy throughout the world. Each product and material has its own life and use. What is the fate of PV-modules, which have come to the end of expiration date?
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Main model contracts for project implementaion

In the world practice of construction and implementation of various projects, different types of contracts are used, which regulate relations in the field of management and control of construction.
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