KOMYSHUVATE-2 Solar PV Power Plant

In 4 months, the second line of the KOMYSHUVATE-2 Solar PV Power Plant in the Kirovohrad region built and put into operation. The PV-plant covers an area of ​​6 hectares, and the total capacity of the installed solar panels (photovoltaic modules) is 3.2 MW. The PV-plant is a grid-connected solar power station built to produce environmentally friendly electricity and further generate profits from sales at a green tariff.

KOMYSHUVATE-2 Solar PV Power Plant completed and put into operation in November 2019. AVENSTON performed all engineer and design works efficiently and qualitatively, organized procurement of the main equipment for the customer on favorable terms, and performed the construction.

Key project details:

  • DC power:   3.2 MWp
  • Stage:   completed
  • Construction completion:   2019
  • Type of solar plant:   on-grid
  • Solar panels:   poly-Si
  • Inverters:   SMA Sunny Highpower, SMA Sunny Tripower
  • Structures:   Ground mounted, fixed, screw-piles
  • Plant area:   6 ha
  • Location:   Kirovograd region, Ukraine


List of our services:

AVENSTON has completed a turnkey project. Among the services we provide:

  • Feasibility study
  • Pre-design surveys
  • Technological solutions analysis and selection
  • Electrical engineering, detailed design (PV, LV, MV)
  • Equipment Procurement and Logistics
  • Construction and commissioning works
  • Grid connection
  • Licensing and green tariff support
  • O&M services

AVENSTON specialists also supported legal issues to obtaining a green tariff, including an electricity producer’s license and NKREKP resolution on assigning a green tariff, membership in the Wholesale Electricity Market, and signing a contract for the sale of electricity with the Energorynok enterprise.

The ground based industrial solar power plant was built by Avenston to operate at a “green” tariff. According to the project, the work of this solar power plant is fully synchronized with the external grid. Design, supply of equipment and all construction and installation works were completed very quickly, as it was previously agreed with the customer. The commercial on-grid solar power plant is based on polycrystalline silicon solar modules and string solar inverters. Voltage conversion is carried out using several transformer substations, which are connected to a single switchgear. The construction of solar power plants of this type is one of the key competencies of our company, as well as services for the design or maintenance of solar power farms.

Solar power plants are one of the key competencies for companies belonging to the Avenston group. We provide any necessary services for solar energy projects, starting from the support of the development stage to maintenance of already built photovoltaic power plants or systems. All the main stages of the implementation of such projects are carried out by us independently or with the involvement of selected partners. In the second case, all key processes are managed and controlled by Avenston’s in-house project managers. Our portfolio includes a large number of designed and built industrial solar PV power plants, home solar power plants, as well as other projects in related areas.

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