Avenston Innovation Center

Avenston Group began its journey in the field of solar energy back in 2007. Some of the engineering solutions that were developed and implemented by the companies of our Group often found their practical application for the first time in Ukraine. To support our technological leadership, in 2018 we established a separate division, the Avenston Innovation Center, to research and develop innovative and technological solutions in the field of renewable energy.

Avenston Innovation Center is engaged in research and analysis of engineering solutions that can be further used in the implementation of solar PV projects. Some solutions are later transferred to the working models, prototypes, as well as experimental samples, which are tested later on real solar energy facilities. Among the areas of our activities: low-voltage power collection cabinets, rooftop mount systems for photovoltaic modules, BIPV mount systems, modular photovoltaic power supply systems, and much more. We study modern technologies for the accumulation and storage of electricity, smart grids, and micro-grids.

Cooperation for innovation

Avenston Group is open for cooperation in the field of renewable energy and other industries related to clean-tech and helping its wider adoption. We are interested in finding and comprehensive research of new technologies and engineering solutions. Our mission is to deeply test and further innovate to maximize the reliability and efficiency of our photovoltaic systems and reduce the cost of generated electricity.


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