Rooftop solar PV power plants

Avenston provides general contracting services for the construction of roof-top solar PV power plants. We carry out a full range of works, including the design and installation of solar panels on the roof of your enterprise, as well as the subsequent monitoring and maintenance of a photovoltaic plant.We gained considerable experience in implementing projects of various types – from small commercial solar power plants to the construction of rooftop industrial solar power plants.

The company specializes in the construction of solar power plants for businesses. For many years we have been working in B2B format and implementing investment and construction projects as a general contractor. At the request of the client, we provide support for all licensing and approval procedures necessary to obtain a license for the production of electricity and to get approval for a “green” tariff.

The installation of solar panels on the rooftop will be carried out by professional specialists who trained and have more than five years of experience in implementing large projects. We are implementing rooftop solar energy projects of various types. Avenston has been successfully designing and assembling various types of rooftop solar power plants for commercial enterprises for a long time:

  • Rooftop commercial solar power plants with “green” tariff;
  • Rooftop commercial solar power plants for self-consumption;
  • Rooftop building integrated solar power plants (BIPV systems);
  • Solar canopies and carports;
  • Many other types of rooftop solar PV power plants.

Avenston’s key services for roof-top solar power plants

Avenston’s main specialization is general contracting for turnkey construction of commercial solar power plants. We have built dozens of photovoltaic systems of various types and capacities: the company’s portfolio includes ground-based, rooftop and BIPV solar power plants. In addition to the design and construction of solar energy facilities, Avenston also provides maintenance services for solar power plants. Working with Avenston, you will receive the maximum technical expertise and professional support at all stages of the design, construction and operation of a solar power plant.


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