Наземні сонячні електростанції для підприємств

Ground-mounted solar PV farms for industrial enterprises

Ground-based solar PV power-stations are widely used to build a reasonably productive photovoltaic system and generate revenue from the sale of electricity. The most often used location option for commercial solar power-stations is a land surface installation of all elements of a photovoltaic station (solar batteries, mounting systems, inverters, transformers, and other equipment parts).

Advantages of ground commercial solar power stations

  • Possibility to get a solar power-station of any required power capacity, which is important at the building of backup power-stations when generated power must fully compensate for disappeared electricity from the grid.
  • Involving of land lots, that are useless (or not very useful) for agricultural use or any other commercial application.
  • Possibility to locate solar panels in such a way, that provides them the optimal orientation.

From one side, such method of equipment placing makes a solar power-station project to be a bit longer on the whole, because it is necessary to elaborate all formal questions related to a land lot. On the other hand, the undoubted advantage of surface solar power-stations is the possibility to install greater (as compared to roof options) amount of solar batteries, in other words, the possibility to construct more powerful solar power-stations. The payback periods depend on the efficiency of the equipment selected, the level of insolation in the region and the location of the panels. The approximate repayment period for investments in the medium-sized PV power-stations is 3-6 years.


Ground solar PV power plants for business

Commercial solar power plants are stations with a capacity of 50 kW to 5 MW. The area of ​​such solar systems depends on the number of solar modules and ranges from approximately 300 m2 to 10 ha. The comparatively small size of the power plant makes it possible to achieve the optimum solar panels location according to cardinal points. When choosing the size of a solar station, it is important to consider how much electricity the future facility must generate to meet the project’s objectives.

Our company is also engaged in the development and investment in on-grid solar power plants. Avenston provides its clients with comprehensive general contracting and maintenance services for photovoltaic projects. We offer any services to design and build solar power plants of any size or type.

Avenston’s key services for solar power plants

Solar power plants are one of the key and many times approved competencies for companies belonging to the Avenston group. We provide all necessary services for solar energy projects, starting from the support of the development or pre engineering stages to maintenance of already built photovoltaic power plants or systems. Avenston’s main specialization is general contracting for turnkey construction of commercial solar power plants. In addition to the design and construction of solar energy facilities, Avenston is also engaged in direct supplies of equipment (solar panels, solar inverters, PV cables, etc.), as well as provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services for solar power plants. A complete list of our solar energy services can be found in the relevant section of this website.

The technical solutions we offer are based on well-known global brands that have long and officially been working in Ukraine. All specialists and contracting organizations involved in the design and construction works have many years of experience and are constantly trained and tested. Our services are not limited to certain types of solar energy facilities. We design and successfully build various types of solar power plants:

  • Utility-scale ground-based solar PV power farms with capacity above 1 MWp;
  • Ground-mounted commercial solar power plants with medium and low capacity (up to 1 MWp);
  • Ground-mounted solar power plants for agricultural enterprises;
  • Fix-tilt ground based solar power plants;
  • Ground solar power plants with trackers;
  • Other types of ground-mounted solar power supply systems.

List of our solar projects includes a large number of designed and built industrial solar PV power plants and on-grid commercial solar power plants. We have built dozens of photovoltaic systems of various types and capacities: the company’s portfolio includes ground-based, rooftop and BIPV solar power plants. If you have plans to build your own solar power plant of any type and size, please contact Avenston. We will be happy to help you implement your project in the most optimal way. Working with Avenston, you will receive the maximum technical expertise and professional support at all stages of the design, construction and operation of a solar power plant.


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