Utility-Scale Solar Plants

Avenston provides services for the implementation of projects for the construction of utility-scale solar power plants. The main areas of activity are general contracting for the construction of new facilities and maintenance of existing solar energy assets. Our company has extensive experience in implementing projects of this type, is highly qualified, and has the necessary experience and knowledge. We have used various photovoltaic technologies and types of equipment: crystalline silicon solar modules, bifacial solar modules, thin-film solar panels, central and string inverters, fix-tilt mounting structures, and trackers that follow the sun.

Services of PV power plants

Our activities cover various types of industrial solar power plants, including hybrid solutions with energy storage systems. Avenston offers a full range of services to support solar energy projects:

  • Investment consulting
  • Technical consulting
  • Land plot development
  • Engineering and Design documentation
  • Equipment supply
  • Construction and commissioning
  • General contracting – EPC and BoS services
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Project management and turnkey project support

Avenston provides professional support and provides maximum expertise at all stages of the implementation of green energy technologies. Cost+fee business model brings to our clients transparent CAPEX structure of solar power plant supported by on-time project execution.

CONSULTING. We are consulting corporations, investors, local authorities, banks, and other renewable energy industry stakeholders on the successful execution of solar energy projects. Avenston delivers the technical and business consulting services supported by our industry experience and business capabilities. We meet existing PV technologies to our client’s requirements, helping achieve their objectives for renewable energy. Our team conducts market analysis, prepares strategy, investment and business modeling, chooses technologies, and does project planning to obtain the best results in the implementation phase.

ENGINEERING. Our technical capabilities are confirmed by the successful references and completed portfolio. Avenston does pre-engineering work, develops and approves design documentation, prepares detailed action plans and project budgets.

PROCUREMENT. During our EPC and BoS services, we manage supplies to deliver the required quality of procurement and logistic which is a key success factor in renewable project execution. Our long-term relations with major PV technologies manufacturers secures transparent and on-time supply-chain management for our projects, and brings valuable save on cost to our customers.

CONSTRUCTION. Implementation of utility-scale solar power plants is depends on weather conditions, technical capabilities of the local labor force, and logistic environment affects on-time and fixed-cost construction. Avenston’s experience enables us to secure our customers from typical construction risks during execution of solar PV projects, and react accordingly on fast changing project execution environment. Company executs renewable projects in accordance to all local requirements and construction standards, and we keep the warranty on all of our projects.

MAINTENANCE. We are after the Performance Ratio of projects executed which directly affects the return on investment from solar PV projects. Avenston provides to its clients a complete O&M service to maximize the performance ratio of their power assets, and provide the guidance on its optimization and profit maximization, while minimizing costs and risk.

AUDIT. Technical inspection of existing solar power plants helps to identify and promptly eliminate equipment defects.

Our solar power plants

BISCOTTI Rooftop Solar Power Plant

A solar photovoltaic plant was built in Lviv on the roof of a food factory. The solar modules occupy an area of 1,818.6 square meters and have a total installed DC capacity of 387.2 kW. Type of SPP: rooftop, on-grid for self-consumption of electricity, voltage 0.4 kV.
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KATERYNIVKA Solar PV Power Plant

Ground-based KATERYNIVKA PV Power Plant built in the Dnipropetrovsk region for Turkish investor Ümitli Enerji. The PV plant covers an area of ​​20 hectares and has 13.5 MWp of total solar panels capacity.
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CHUMAKI Solar PV Power Plant

The solar power plant was built in the Dnipropetrovsk region for Turkish investor Ümitli Enerji. The ground-mounted solar power plant occupies an area of 8 hectares, and the total power of the installed solar panels (photovoltaic modules) is 5,7 MWp.
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Ground-based NOVOPETRIVKA PV Power Plant built in the Dnipropetrovsk region for Turkish investor Ümitli Enerji. The PV plant covers of ​​10 ha and has a total capacity of 6.5 MWp.
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Solar PV power plant for the food industry

We build solar power plants for food industry businesses. Avenston's solar power systems can be installed on the roofs of factories or administrative buildings to produce clean and cheap "solar" electricity.
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Solar power plants for production facilities

Solar energy technologies are being actively implemented in various sectors of the economy. Enterprises from many industries use solar power plants to generate green electricity for their own consumption or sale.
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Solar power plants for warehouses and logistics centers

We design and build modern solar energy solutions for companies operating in the field of logistics and having their own warehouses, logistics centers or other buildings of various types.
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Solar power plants for agriculture

Solar PV power plants for agricultural enterprises are designed and built in a special way to use available arable land for growing agricultural products and generating electricity at the same time.
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Application examples of solar power plants

EPC for solar photovoltaic industry

Our EPC and EPCM services include a full-scope cycle of works (including engineering, provision of necessary hardware and materials and the full cycle of construction works) by the contractor in order to realize the project. However, there are cases when the customer insists on its own execution of a certain part of work related to the project implementation: e.g., the project development or the supply of the equipment. In this case, Avenston can perform some separate services.

Our professional management team with experience in implementing complex industrial projects supported by a team of highly qualified engineers with a large experience in power electronics, networking and communicational systems, and the management of industrial enterprises. In our work, we make extensive use of methods and tools of project management. The company has established and successfully operated the project office, acting as a single project management unit, which is able to arrange the development of standardized projects, analysis and monitoring of their implementation and many others.

Key advantages of Avenston

  • Own design department with extensive experience in the field of solar energy.
  • Support of projects for the turnkey construction of commercial solar PV power plants —extensive practical experience.
  • High-quality and time-tested equipment from industry leaders.
  • Work on the client’s side — individual approach to each project, including the selection of equipment.
  • Own staff of trained service engineers, which have got all the necessary permits and certificates.
  • Experience in cooperation with foreign customers and investors.
  • Tens of PV power plants with capacity in the range 0,2…20 MW were successfully completed and put into operations by Avenston as EPC-contractor.

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