Application examples of solar power plants

Solar power plants are used in many sectors of the economy (industry, agriculture, logistics, restaurant and hotel business, etc.). The main most popular and demanded areas of application of solar power plants can be found in this section. The skyrocketing interest in solar energy solutions is driven by rising prices for electricity generated from conventional energy sources and the gradual decrease in the cost of photovoltaic equipment. Environmental friendliness, independence, predictability and long-term operation of solar power plants contribute to the constant growth in the volume of their construction. Avenston has been designing and building solar power plants since 2010. We provide general contracting services and provide after-sales service for the constructed facilities after their commissioning. The section presents the most common uses for solar power plants.

Solar power plants for production facilities

Solar energy technologies are being actively implemented in various sectors of the economy. Enterprises from many industries use solar power plants to generate green electricity for their own consumption or sale.
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Solar power plants for warehouses and logistics centers

We design and build modern solar energy solutions for companies operating in the field of logistics and having their own warehouses, logistics centers or other buildings of various types.
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Solar power plants for agriculture

Solar PV power plants for agricultural enterprises are designed and built in a special way to use available arable land for growing agricultural products and generating electricity at the same time.
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Solar power plant for a shopping center

Solar power plants are widely used to power supply to modern shops, shopping centers and other commercial facilities. Such solar energy solutions can be installed on roofs and facades of buildings.
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Solar PV systems for greenhouses

The solar greenhouses are recording a remarkable performance in terms of both agricultural and electricity yield. It is prospective PV solution for modern high-technology agriculture enterprises.
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Solar power plant for office, business center

Solar power plants are installed on the roofs and facades of office centers and generate solar electricity for their own consumption or the sale of surplus to external grids. A solar power plant for an office is clean and cheap electricity.
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Solar power plant for cafes and restaurants

We build turnkey solar power plants for enterprises operating in the restaurant business. Solar power plants from Avenston are installed on the roofs and facades of cafes and restaurants to generate clean and cheap electricity.
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Solar power plant for hotel, resorts

We design and build solar energy solutions for hospitality companies. Building your own solar power plants allows you to get significant savings in electricity consumption and increase the competitiveness of your business.
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The payback period for solar power plants

The return on investment depends on some factors: the capacity of a solar power plant, the geographic location of the PV facility, the current cost of electricity for an enterprise in case of self-consumption, or FIT if selling electricity to the grid, price of solar panels and so on. Currently, in Ukraine, the payback period in the case of construction of a solar power plant for self-consumption of commercial enterprises is about 5 years.

The project IRR can be increased by using loan leverage and several other ways of optimization including technical and financial tools. As a result, such investment can be a very profitable investment that will pay off several times over the lifetime of a PV power plant. It is very important to use reliable equipment and work with top-rated providers of solar solutions who can supply turnkey EPC services at the highest level of quality.


Our services

Avenston develops and implements all solutions for solar energy. The main direction of our activities is solar power plants for businesses. Our professional team of engineers and designers carries out complex and full-cycle PV projects, from the initial stages of consulting to the object commissioning. In-depth expertise in solar modules and grid inverters, as well as over 10 years of cooperation with leading global equipment manufacturers, allows us to develop reliable solutions with high economic efficiency!

Ground-mounted commercial PV systems

The general contract for the construction of ground-mounted solar power plants. Full range of EPC services. Grid connection to the sale of electricity at a "green" tariff or direct contracts.
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Rooftop solar PV power plants

Avenston designs and builds rooftop solar PV power plants. We accumulated ten years of experience in providing general contracting services in solar power plant construction projects.
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BIPV and facade-mounted solar power systems

Our company is a general contractor in the construction of facade solar power plants and photovoltaic solutions integrated into buildings (BIPV systems).
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Solar canopies, charging stations and parking lots

Car park solar canopies are one of the popular uses for solar panels. More and more often, such solar sheds are combined with charging stations for electric vehicles, which significantly expands the functionality of parking lots.
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Commercial Solar Plants

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