Umitli Dnipro PV power plant

Umitli Dnipro is a solar photovoltaic station in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Avenston started its construction in the first quarter of 2019 on the Turkish investor order. The total capacity of the station according to the installed photovoltaic modules is 5.7 MW on the land plot of 8 hectares.

The main supporting structures for all elements and structures of the station are screw piles. The mountain structures, the switchgear building, the control center and all the 0.4/35 package transformer substations were built on them. Avenston refused to use the concrete in the construction of this station. This solar power plant is a completely environmentally friendly facility, starting from the construction to the final production of electricity.

Key project details:

  • DC power – 5,7 MWp
  • Stage – under construction
  • Completion date – 2019
  • Type of solar plant– on-grid
  • Solar panels – Hanwha Q Cells (Q.POWER L-G5330)
  • Inverters – Huawei Sun 2000-60KTL
  • Structures – fixed, ground mounted
  • Plant area – 8 hа
  • Location – Dnipropetrovsk region

List of our services:

  • Turn-key project management;
  • Pre-design surveys;
  • Engineering and design (PV, LV, MV);
  • Procurement;
  • Construction;
  • Licensing and green tariff support.