Stand-alone Solar Systems

Stand-alone photovoltaic systems are used where there is no centralized power lines (construction is difficult or economically not feasible) or for power supply to mobile objects. Avenston will help you to find right and the most efficient solutions based on technologies of solar energy.

Scheme of solar off-grid system
Scheme of solar off-grid system

Usually PV system consists of solar modules, accumulator batteries, charge controller and an inverter that converts the direct current produced by the solar modules into alternating current. Off-grid PV systems usually solve the problem of fully autonomous operation. The advantages of photovoltaic systems use is that their effectiveness in areas where the installation of power lines difficult or costly, quiet operation, no need for complex maintenance and it is environmentally friendly.

We offers installation of any kind of stand-alone PV systems with the required specifications, based on specific client problems. The specific implementation of the system is determined by the needs of the customer. The number and types of solar module, batteries, charge controller and inverters should be chosen depending on the load and its time profile.

An important advantage of the off-grid PV power systems is the fact that solar energy is environment friendly. Using alternative energy sources, you invest in preserving the purity of the world and contribute to its preservation for future generations.