Membership in the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

Avenston joined one of the most powerful business communities of our country and became a member of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs. We fully share the values of the Union and, together with like-minded people, we plan to actively contribute to the improvement of conditions for conducting honest and transparent business in our state.

The mission of the Union is to create and develop a favourable business climate in Ukraine. The community unites Ukrainian businesses regardless of scale, industry and geography of activity. The key values of the Union are freedom of entrepreneurship, inviolability of private property, rule of law, patriotism and understanding of Ukraine as a place where we live, achieve success and where our children will live happily.

The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs conducts an active dialogue with the authorities regarding the improvement of business conditions and the introduction of relevant changes in legislation. The primary priorities of the Union are deregulation, tax and customs reforms, and simplification of foreign economic activity. More than 950 companies from all regions of Ukraine are members of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs.

Our company has a long-standing strategic goal – to contribute to increasing the energy independence of our country. In this period of time, the question of reliable and affordable own generation has become very relevant for Ukrainian enterprises, which, despite the war, continue to work and develop. Solar power plants and modern energy storage systems are rapidly increasing the sustainability of energy businesses, while technically simpler grid-based photovoltaic technologies allow businesses to significantly reduce their electricity costs.

Avenston joins the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs in order to expand the circle of partners and move more effectively towards the realization of its goals. Business is always new and interesting problems that require constant solutions and improvements. But only in joining efforts there is a chance to achieve really exciting results. This is what prompted us to join the Union community.

Avenston provides a comprehensive approach and professional management of projects for the construction and operation of rooftop commercial solar power plants for businesses and enterprises, ground-based industrial solar power plants, as well as hybrid power supply systems with the function of energy storage (PV+BESS). Our company implements projects for customers, and also has its own investments in solar energy projects. We have been working in the solar energy market for many years, which allowed us to accumulate valuable practical experience. Avenston’s portfolio consists of a large number of operating solar power plants of various types and sizes. We apply classical and innovative “green” technologies in practice, maintaining a moderate level of capital and operating costs. Avenston projects take into account global environmental standards and meet the highest quality requirements.

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