Participation in the Ukrainian Energy Initiative

The Avenston company became a partner of the Ukrainian Energy Initiative and signed the corresponding Declaration. Avenston voices our commitment to accelerate the reconstruction, recovery, and modernization of the energy sector of Ukraine. We believe that through the broad cooperation of industry stakeholders, we can ensure the successful recovery and development of the Ukrainian energy sector.

Our efforts, as a member of the Ukrainian Energy Initiative, will be put into the following:

  • sharing and consolidating business expertise in an open manner, that
  • does not interfere with competitive relationships between members;
  • working with international and local companies and organizations to
  • connect local expertise to global experience;
  • promoting, developing, and advocating necessary changes in Ukraine
  • that accelerate the Energy Transition;
  • creating new decarbonization roadmaps for the country and facilitating new sustainable industries;
  • accelerating capital deployment and development of new projects.
Декларація Авенстон щодо участі в Українській Енергетичній Ініціативі

Ukraine Energy Initiative is an energy initiative of the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine, which unites partners in creating a broad industry coalition, the task of which is to accelerate the recovery of the energy sector of Ukraine.

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