Rooftop solar power plant

Let us inform you about the start of a new project, which is currently being implemented by our company. This is a rooftop solar power plant, placed on a membrane roof, which is designed to cover the production enterprise’s own needs for electricity. Commissioning of the facility is planned for the beginning of 2024.

The solar power plant is based on JA Solar solar modules and Huawei on-grid inverters, the supporting metal structures of the “East-West” type for the membrane roof have a ballast installation system. The technical solutions included in this project make it possible to obtain an optimal electricity generation schedule and rationally use the solar power plant throughout the year.

Project indicators are the following: installed capacity of solar photovoltaic modules – 387 kWp, planned cost of replaced electricity in the first year of operation – $83.2 thousand, return on investment – up to 2.5 years, the total economic effect of the implementation of the solar power plant for 25 years of operation – $1,78 million. The construction of this solar power plant will reduce CO₂ emissions by 148 tons per year.

Avenston’s key competence is the design, construction and maintenance of medium and large capacity solar power plants. Since 2010, our group of companies has been carrying out a full range of works on project development, construction and maintenance of commercial solar power plants of all types, which allowed us to accumulate extensive practical experience in the implementation of similar projects. Rooftop solar power plants for enterprises from the company Avenston alow to get full professional support and expertise at all stages.

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