Ukrainian-Czech partnership and investments

Representatives of Avenston took part in the event dedicated to the Ukrainian-Czech partnership and investments in the energy independence of communities. It was our pleasure to congratulate the newly appointed Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine Radek Pech, to meet the Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Anna Zamazeeva, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Ukraine Investment Promotion Office Sergiy Tsivkach.

The event showed the active work of both Ukrainian and foreign investors for the development and implementation of RE projects in demand for communities. Energy-efficient and “green” transformation in Ukraine will be possible with such reliable partners.

Avenston will be actively taking part in new projects connected to the implementation of renewable energy technologies in Ukraine. We believe in the big prospects of this market and have started new investment PV projects first of all focused on selling electricity to the grid by commercial tariffs.

Інвестиції в енергонезалежність громад

FIT in Ukraine

Green tariff was officially entered in Ukraine in 2009. The main obligation of the state was to buy back all amount of electric power, generated with the use of renewable energy sources (RES)
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Types of solar inverters

Inverters play an important role in solar power plants. Solar panels generate direct current, while the electrical grid operates on alternating voltage. Inverters convert the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current.
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Energy storage systems (ESS). Overview

The efficiency of the use of global energy resources depends not only on the ways of their use, but also on the methods of the generated energy storage.
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Solar Market Outlook for 2021-2025

Solar market again reached a new annual record of 18% growth, with 138 GW installed in 2020. Fortunately, global demand for solar installations did not shrink at all despite COVID-19.
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