Solar power plants for production facilities

Avenston builds different solar power plants. One of the main directions of our activity is general contracting for the construction of solar power plants for industrial production of various types. We carefully prepare the project at a planning stage, design a solar power plant, supply a necessary equipment and materials to a construction site, carry out all construction and electrical work, connect a solar power plant to grid, put it into operation, and also we provide further services. Avenston builds industrial solar power plants for factories, factories, production halls and other industrial enterprises.

Solar power plant for production facilities. Main advantages

There is an increasingly active introduction of solar energy technologies in various sectors of the economy. In particular, manufacturing enterprises from many industries often use solar power plants to generate “green” electricity both for their own consumption and for sale to other companies or state-owned enterprises. The reason for this keen interest is that modern photovoltaic solutions have certain advantages, namely:

  • The possibility of replacing part of the consumption of electrical energy due to own PV generation;
  • Fixing the price for electricity at a level below the market;
  • Reducing the company’s dependence on natural monopolies and traditional dirty energy sources;
  • Reducing the cost of production by reducing the cost of electricity;
  • The lifetime of the equipment is about 30 years;
  • Reducing the carbon footprint;
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment;
  • Low cost of current operating costs for the power generating equipment;
  • Absence of noises, vibrations and emissions during power generation;
  • High reliability and predictability of the solar power plant operation;
  • The ability to install solar panels in areas unsuitable for other uses;
  • A high level of automation of the solar power plant.

In Ukraine, solar power plants with a capacity from tens of kilowatts to several megawatts have already been built for industrial enterprises. The power and type of each individual solar power plant is selected taking into account the characteristics of electricity consumption in a particular production. When developing a technical solution, the daily and monthly schedule of operation of power equipment (machine tools, office equipment, lighting, air conditioning, etc.) is carefully studied and taken into account, which is compared with the forecast schedules of electricity generation by solar panels. As a result, the most optimal parameters of the solar power plant are selected to achieve the requirements of the technical assignment agreed with the customer (for example, obtaining the cheapest cost of “solar” electricity). In addition, factories and plants can solve other problems with the help of their own solar power plants – substitution of electricity consumption from external suppliers, power reservation, compensation of peak consumption, balancing, etc.

Stages of the project for the construction of a solar power plant at the enterprise

The algorithm for the implementation of a typical investment project for the construction of a commercial solar power plant for factories, factories, manufacturing workshops or other industrial facilities usually includes the following stages:

  • Obtaining of information on the project.
  • Discussion and approval of technical specifications for design and construction.
  • Development and approval of project documentation.
  • Purchase of equipment (solar panels, solar inverters, cables, mounting systems, etc.) and its delivery to the construction site.
  • Works for the installation of solar power plant equipment in accordance with the project documentation.
  • Commissioning of the PV facility.

Of course, depending on the type of solar power plant and the specifics of a particular project, the above steps can be supplemented and adjusted. Each commercial power plant has its own characteristics and aspects, but in general the given sequence of steps is correct. By contacting Avenston, you will receive comprehensive advice on the main stages of the construction of solar power plants for industries (factories, plants, workshops) – solar power plants of ground or roof-top type.

Payback period of solar power plant for production facilities

The return on investment in the construction of a solar power plant for a manufacturing enterprise (plant, factory, workshop) depends on many factors. First of all, it is the installed capacity of a solar power plant, which is usually directly proportional to the area of ​​solar panels on the roof, facade, sheds, or ground structures. The greater the power of the power plant, the lower its unit cost, that is, the price per 1 kW of solar power. The second important factor is the geographic location of your business. The further south the production is located, the more insolation can be converted into electrical energy. The difference between the southern and northern regions of Ukraine is 10-15%, depending on the angle of installation of solar panels. The third parameter is the current cost of electricity for the enterprise. The higher the price a company pays for traditional electricity, the more profitable it will be to install a solar power plant. And finally, the last important parameter is the constantly changing cost of solar panels, which can significantly affect the total capital investment and the payback period of a solar power plant.

After analyzing the parameters of solar power plants that have been built by our company since 2010, and taking into account the forecasts of price changes for solar panels and conventional electricity, we can draw some conclusions. So, already today in Ukraine the recoupment of the construction of a solar power plant for enterprises working in the field of production is about 5 years. The payback period is gradually decreasing. which is primarily due to changes in prices per kWh of electricity and prices for solar panels. The most profitable investment in rooftop solar power plants for plants and factories with an installed capacity of solar panels from 200 kW. The payback period can be reduced by attracting credit funds, clearly planning the project construction schedule (for example, through direct supplies of cheaper solar panels from manufacturers), combining equipment supplies for several projects or several stages of one project, and many other tools that are used by companies that are professionally involved in the implementation of solar energy projects.

A solar power plant for manufacturing can be a very profitable investment that will pay off several times over its lifetime. A solar power plant on the roof of a factory, production workshop, or another facility can generate electricity both for the company’s own needs (self-consumption) and for the sale of surpluses on the electricity market. The use of solar energy technologies significantly increases the competitiveness of manufacturing companies from various industries.

Avenston services for projects of construction of industrial solar power plants

Avenston Group has been building solar power plants since 2010. We have assembled a professional team of specialists working in this field since the early 2000s. Over the years, our group has been involved in the design of several hundred megawatts of solar power plants of various types – from small home photovoltaic systems to powerful industrial on-grid solar power plants. Our main specialization is general contracting for the turnkey construction of commercial solar power plants for the B2B segment. We have built dozens of solar power plants with a total installed capacity of over 100 MWp. Avenston’s portfolio includes ground-mounted, rooftop and BIPV solar power plants that have been successfully operating for many years.

In addition to the design and construction of solar energy facilities, Avenston is engaged in direct supplies of equipment (solar panels, solar inverters, cables, etc.) from the world’s leading manufacturers, and also provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services for solar power plants. By contacting Avenston, you will receive the maximum technical expertise and professional support at all stages of the design, construction and operation of a solar power plant.


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