Solar PV power plant for the food industry

Avenston constructs PV power plants for companies operating in the food industry. Our solar power systems can be installed on the roofs of factories or administrative buildings to produce clean and cheap “solar” electricity. The absence of any noises or other negative impacts during electricity production by solar modules is a big advantage of such systems. Independent operation, high reliability and predictability of the solar power plant, and low cost of operating costs – all guarantee an increased return rate of investments in PV systems.

Solar power farms can be installed on different surfaces. There are ground-mounted, facade-installed, and roof-top PV systems. Rooftop solar power plants are the most popular due to the simplicity of installation and maintenance as well as short distance between PV power generator and consumption. Solar power plants for food industry can be fully connected to a MV power grid and supply “green” power into it, or can be connected only to internal power grid of the enterprise to replace the company’s own needs in electricity. There are more complicated and useful examples of solar power utilization by prosumers, too.

A big popularity of commercial solar power plants is based on the economic attractiveness and ease of implementation to compensate for the company’s own electricity consumption. Commercial solar power plants will allow your company to decrease power consumption and increase the competitiveness of your business. On-grid and backup solar systems by Avenston will reduce your bills and generate significant savings.

Companies from a food industry can get significant advantages using modern solar energy technologies:

  • Reduction of energy supply costs by replacing part of the consumption with electricity from own solar batteries.
  • Fixing the cost of solar electricity for the next 30-35 years.
  • The possibility of achieving complete or partial energy independence of your enterprise.
  • Environmental responsibility and a positive image of the company, simplification of barriers for entering foreign markets for exporting companies.
  • High profitability and quick return on investment (up to 5 years).
  • Low repair and maintenance costs, convenience and ease of operation.
  • The possibility of obtaining additional profit from the sale of surplus “green” electricity to the general network.
  • The possibility of increasing the power of the system and connecting new functions at any time
  • The savings from a solar power system could be significant. It is also possible to keep power going even at the grid goes down in the case of PV+BESS backup solutions.

Avenston’ solar services for food industry

Our team has designed and constructed a lot of solar power plants. The total power exceed hundred megawatt for all ground, roof and BIPV solar power plants. Avenston’s key activity is construction of commercial solar power plants. Your company will receive professional support at all stages of design, construction and operation of a solar power plant.


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