Solar power plants for warehouses and logistics centers

One of the main activities of Avenston Group is the general contract for the construction of solar power plants (SPP) for enterprises of various types. Among other things, we offer modern solar energy solutions for companies operating in the field of logistics and having their own warehouses, logistics centers or other buildings of various types. Avenston supports such projects from the initial stages, carries out design, completes solar power plants with equipment, provides all the necessary construction and electrical installation services, as well as maintenance of the solar PV power plant. We build solar power plants for warehouses, logistics centers and other specialized companies operating in the field of logistics or related industries. The most popular solutions are the installation of solar panels on the roofs. For example, we offer services for the construction of facilities such as solar power plants for elevators and granaries.

Solar power plant for a warehouse. Main advantages

Modern solar power plants are becoming more and more popular due to a number of its advantages. Logistics centers and warehouses order the turnkey construction of their own solar power plants in order to obtain savings in electricity consumption and increase their competitiveness. Among the key advantages of solar energy are:

  • Replacement of a part of the consumption of electric energy due to own cheaper “solar” generation;
  • Long-term fixing of the cost of electricity consumption at a level below market prices for a kilowatt-hour;
  • Reducing the company’s dependence on other electricity suppliers;
  • Refusal to use dirty traditional energy sources;
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment;
  • Low cost of ongoing operating costs for the operation of photovoltaic equipment;
  • No noise, vibration and emissions from solar power generation;
  • High reliability and predictability of the solar power plant operation;
  • The ability to install solar panels on the roofs and facades of warehouses, office buildings, logistics center buildings;
  • A high level of automation of the solar power plant without the need to attract additional expensive personnel.

Payback of a solar power plant for logistics enterprises, warehouses, terminals

The payback period for the construction of a solar power plant for enterprises operating in the field of logistics is from 3 to 8 years. On average, investments in the construction of a commercial solar power plant on the roof of a warehouse or other structure are returned within 5 years, provided that the total capacity of the installed solar panels is at least 200-250 kW. The current and projected cost of traditional electricity, which is planned to be replaced by “solar” electricity, greatly affects the financial performance of the project. It is because of the constant rise in the cost of electricity produced using traditional fossil sources that the use of renewable energy sources is becoming more and more economically feasible and attractive.

The most advantageous case is the replacement of part of the electricity consumption with solar panels. Such solar power plants are located on the roofs and facades of warehouses and are designed in such a way that all generated electricity is consumed directly on the territory of a logistics enterprise (terminal, warehouse). The absence of the need to accumulate surplus electricity or sell them to an external network significantly reduces the cost of specific investments in a solar power plant. Of course, modern photovoltaic equipment allows you to solve any technical problem up to 100% complete provision of warehouses with solar energy. But it is precisely the competent combination of technical capabilities with economic feasibility that makes it possible to obtain the most optimal engineering solutions.

A thorough pre-design analysis of the features of the future solar power plant will allow you to accurately calculate the technical and economic parameters and determine the return on investment. The technical condition of the structure on which the solar panels will be installed, its geographic location, the design capacity of the solar power plant, the type of equipment, the schedule and sequence of construction – all these factors can greatly affect the IRR of the project. Avenston specialists have many years of experience in solar energy and will help determine all the necessary parameters for your solar project. A solar power plant for a warehouse, logistic terminal, office or technical building of enterprises in the field of logistics will allow your company to significantly increase energy independence, reduce operating costs and improve its competitiveness.

Stages of the project for the construction of a solar power plant

The algorithm for building a solar power plant for a warehouse or a logistics center differs little from similar projects in other industries and includes the following main stages:

  • Analysis of the facility and collection of the necessary initial data for the project.
  • Development and approval of technical specifications for the design and construction of a solar power plant.
  • Development and approval of design documentation for a solar power plant.
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment (solar panels, solar inverters, cables, mounting systems, etc.) and its delivery to the site.
  • Installation and connection of solar power plant equipment in accordance with project documentation.
  • Commissioning of the solar power plant.

Depending on the tasks of the customer and the characteristics of a particular project, the above stages can be supplemented and adjusted. Each solar power plant has its own individual characteristics and differences. By contacting Avenston, you will receive comprehensive advice on the main stages of the construction of solar power plants for warehouses and other enterprises in the logistics industry.

Our solar energy services

Avenston has been professionally engaged in the construction of solar power plants since 2010. We have designed and built dozens of photovoltaic systems with a total installed capacity of hundreds of megawatts, including ground-based, rooftop and BIPV solar power plants. Avenston’s main specialization is general turnkey construction of commercial solar power plants. The full list of the company’s services can be found in this page of our web-site. By contacting Avenston, you will receive professional support at all stages of the design, construction and operation of a solar power plant for your warehouse, office or commercial facility.


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