Solar power plant for office, business center

Solar power plants are used to replace part of the energy consumption of modern offices, business centers and other commercial buildings. Such solar power plants can be installed on the roofs and facades of office centers and generate solar electricity for self-consumption or sale of surplus to external grids. A solar power plant for an office is clean and cheap electricity.

All over the world, new office buildings, business centers, and other structures are increasingly being built initially using renewable energy technologies. One of the most popular solutions for increasing the energy efficiency of a building and reducing its energy costs is the installation of solar panels. A solar power plant on the roof of an office or its facade allows you to replace part of the electricity consumption, thereby significantly reducing the cost of lighting, air conditioning, and other needs.

Modern companies often use commercial solar power plants for their electricity self-consumption. And if solar generation exceeds consumption, then the surplus can be accumulated or sold to the external grid. Depending on the current price of traditional electricity, the payback period for a solar power plant for an office building can be around 5 years. The use of highly efficient solar equipment, the correct calculation of a solar power plant, the attraction of special “green” loans, and some other measures can reduce the payback period and increase the IRR of the project.

Correct use of solar panels and other renewable energy technologies allows achieving energy neutrality of a building when during its entire service life it will generate more energy than was spent on its construction, operation, and dismantling. A lot of examples of such buildings already exist all over the world and even in those countries where the climate and insolation are less favorable than in Ukraine. World experience shows that the use of solar power plants for business centers, offices, and other administrative buildings is an effective and reliable investment.

How Solar Energy Can Benefit You?

One of the most attractive benefits of solar energy is the potential for lower energy bills. After the solar panels are installed, you pay nothing for the electricity they generate from the sun’s rays. Usually, it is possible to recoup your investment in the panels and installation within 10 years. It is also possible to sell any excess power your panels generate. That means you could eventually profit from your solar power system.

PV farm on roof or facade will reduce your dependency on the local power grid. If the power goes out, you’ll still have solar electricity. You’ll be able to keep your business running and your customers comfortable at times when your competitors can’t.

Solar power systems produces no harmful emissions. By using solar power instead of the municipal power supply, you’re helping to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Solar power poses even less of a threat to the environment than hydroelectrical dams and wind turbines.

Own solar farm will visibly demonstrate your concern for the environment and public health. It help you stand out from your competitors and attract customers who value green living.

Solar energy technologies for office buildings

Currently, various PV technologies are used in the construction of office buildings, business centers, and other structures. The most popular are thin-film and crystalline silicon photovoltaic converters, which offer the most efficient price-performance ratio. Solar panels are installed on roofs and facades of buildings. They can also be placed near them in the form of parking or decorative solar sheds, chargers for electric vehicles. If the solar panels are initially built into the building frame, then this solution is called a BIPV system.

Electricity, which is generated by solar panels, is converted into alternating current using solar inverters. Usually, these are three-phase solar inverters with an output voltage of 380 V. To smooth out the peaks of solar generation and more accurately align the schedules of consumption and production of electricity, energy storage systems can be used. Equipment to control and limit power flows to a grid can also be used.

The correct choice and mutual selection of equipment significantly affect both the technical parameters of the solar power plant and its reliability and durability. Avenston recommends using only top-rated solar equipment (solar panels, solar inverters, solar cable, etc.). This will significantly increase the service life of the solar power plant, reduce the costs of its operation and maintenance, which will lead to an increase in the amount of electricity generated by the photovoltaic system during its entire operation. As a result, the weighted average cost of solar energy (LCOE) will be even lower than for the case of using cheaper, but less reliable and less efficient equipment.

Services by Avenston

Our company builds solar power plants for offices and business centers, performing all the necessary functions. We design and build solar power plants for office centers, as well as provide services for their subsequent maintenance. Avenston’s commercial solar power plant is a reliable and profitable investment in solar energy.


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