Solar power plant for cafes and restaurants

We build turnkey solar power plants for companies operating in the restaurant business. Our solar power plants are installed on the roofs and facades of cafes and restaurants to create clean and cheap electricity. The absence of any negative impacts when generating electricity using solar panels is an indisputable advantage of such systems. Automation of work, high reliability and predictability of the solar power plant, low cost of operating costs for its operation – all this guarantees a high attractiveness of investments in photovoltaic solutions.

According to the method of utilizing the generated electrical energy, solar power plants for public catering can be divided into those that are connected to an external power grid and transfer all the generated energy into it, and those that are intended to replace the company’s needs in electricity. Given the economic attractiveness and ease of implementation, there is a great demand for commercial solar power plants that compensate for the company’s own electricity consumption. Restaurants, cafes, canteens, kitchens of catering agencies, and other companies from this field are increasingly using solar energy solutions in their business. According to the method of installing solar panels, they can be ground-mounted, facade, roof-top, and installed as components of parking sheds. Due to the simplicity of installation and maintenance, rooftop solar power plants are the most popular.

Building your own solar power plants allows you to get significant savings in electricity consumption and increase the competitiveness of your business. Each engineering solution usually has its own individual characteristics. Turning to Avenston, you will receive comprehensive advice on the main stages of the construction of solar power plants and get answers to other questions. On-grid and autonomous (or backup) solar power plants are widely used in power supply systems for catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, etc.). Investments in such systems reduce energy costs and generate significant savings.

Why Would Solar Energy Help Restaurants?

Restaurants use much energy for their business. Restaurants consume more energy than some other commercial businesses. If a restaurant can reduce the amount it costs to power the business, they will take that opportunity.

Adding solar panels to the roof of a restaurant will help power lights and other appliances in the restaurant. These renewable energy sources will help drop energy bills significantly. The restaurant business is very competitive, which means taking advantage of solar energy can put you a step ahead of other businesses and leave you feeling comfortable with your energy savings.

Here are the some benefits your restaurant will have with solar energy:

  • Reduces Electricity Bills – Restaurants use a large amount of electricity with dishwashers, lighting, microwaves, etc.
  • Your energy bills will drop because of the installation of solar panels.
  • Low Maintenance – Solar energy systems don’t require high-cost maintenance.
  • Solar PV systems can be located on the roof of the restaurant or as a solar canopy installation over a parking lot.

Solar power creates electricity that you can use to run your restaurant. The amount of electricity generated will differ for each location, but in some cases, excess could be produced, giving you the chance to sell it back to the grid. All of the energy your restaurant rooftop creates will be produced for free.

The savings from a solar power system could be the most significant. Because the electricity generated by the panels can be stored in batteries, it is possible to keep power going when the grid goes down. That means refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, chilled service areas, and other electric-operated food storage can be protected during a power outage.

Our services for the construction of solar power plants for restaurants

The Avenston team has designed and built dozens of solar power plants with an installed capacity of hundreds of megawatts. Our photovoltaic solutions include above ground, roof and BIPV solar power plants. Avenston’s main specialization is general turnkey construction of commercial solar power plants. By contacting Avenston, you will receive professional support at all stages of design, construction and operation of a solar power plant for a restaurant or cafe.


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