Solar power plant for hotel, resorts

More and more modern hotels are investing in the construction of their own solar power plants. Avenston designs and builds solar energy solutions for hospitality companies. Our solar power plants are installed on the roofs and facades of hotels and provide clean and cheap electricity. The absence of any noise, vibration and harmful emissions during the production of electricity using solar panels is a significant advantage of such systems. The automation, reliability and predictability of the solar power plant, together with the low operating costs, all guarantee a high attractiveness of investment in photovoltaic solutions.

Modern leisure enterprises are increasingly installing solar panels on their roofs (and not only). This tendency was especially clearly manifested with the rise in the cost of electricity generated from traditional energy sources. Own solar PV power plant can significantly reduce electricity bills by offsetting part of the consumption for lighting, air conditioning, etc.

Building your own solar power plants allows you to get significant savings in electricity consumption and increase the competitiveness of your business. Of course, each engineering solution has its own individual characteristics. Turning to Avenston, you will receive comprehensive advice on the main stages of the construction of solar power plants and get answers to other questions. On-grid, off-grid and backup solar power plants are used in the power supply systems of hotels, suburban recreation centers, boarding houses and sanatoriums. Investments in these systems significantly reduce the cost of electricity, which was previously purchased from other companies, and allow significant savings.

What are the advantages of installing solar PV systems in hotels and resorts?

Hotels are one of those places where the use of the electricity is on the higher level and is very important for business. Solar technologies have benefited many sectors and it has more advantages than your imagination. Below mentioned are some of the perks of installing PV in the hotels.

  • Installing solar panels in the hotels will help in controlling the global warming and other environmental problems related to it.
  • Installment of the solar panels in the hotels will help you save a huge amount of money.
  • The solar panels installation cost and PV system turnkey price is quite affordable so anyone can easily use them on a regular basis.
  • Solar panels also provide energy reliability and you can also save energy for the later use.
  • With the installation of the solar systems, the risk of the short circuit is reduced to zero which is one of the best benefits of using them.
  • Using solar products will also enhance the value of your property.

The demand of the solar panel system is increasing with the each passing day for the obvious benefits. Fortunately, people are getting more aware of the importance of the PV systems and its contribution towards the change in the current climate scenario. If you are planning to buy and install them then this is the right time to do it.

Services for the construction of solar power plants for hotels

The Avenston team has designed and built dozens of solar power plants with an installed capacity of hundreds of megawatts. Our photovoltaic solutions include above ground, roof and BIPV solar power plants. Avenston’s main specialization is general turnkey construction of commercial solar power plants. By contacting Avenston, you will receive professional support at all stages of the design, construction and operation of a solar power plant for a hotel, motel, boarding house or hostel.


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