Solar PV systems for greenhouses

Faced with a growing global population and an increase in extreme weather conditions, the farmers may increasingly need to use to greenhouses to produce viable crops. Conventional greenhouses can provide a secure and stable environment to grow produce, but they need to be constantly artificially heated and/or cooled. It means they often require huge amounts of energy to function. To solve this problem, there is a possibility of incorporating solar modules directly into greenhouses in order to compensate some of their power requirements. 

A solar power plant for a greenhouse is a particular application of solar energy technologies for agricultural enterprises, farms, and holdings. Modern agricultural companies are increasingly using solar power plants as a long-term investment that can significantly reduce production costs and increase their competitiveness. The return on investment in solar technology has been steadily declining as the price of electricity generated from conventional sources rises. A solar power plant for agricultural enterprises is a great way to diversify investments and increase the stability of your business.

Solar PV greenhouses for agro industry

The solar photovoltaic greenhouses are enclosures in which temperature, humidity and other environmental factors are kept help to promote agricultural crops. They are always located on open sites where roof can receive enough amounts of direct solar irradiation to generating electricity. The modern solar greenhouses recorded a remarkable performance in terms of both agricultural and electricity yield. 

Developing innovative and high performance solutions for the agricultural industry, Avenston is wide implementing PV technologies to improve the competitiveness of farms. Our photovoltaic greenhouse solutions are respecting the environment, uniting energy production and agricultural activity. Our company can implement any concepts for photovoltaic greenhouses, capable of responding to all your needs (type of greenhouse, dimensions, layout, etc.) and flexy adapting to the nature of your business to build the best greenhouse for your activity.

Features of Avenston’s PV greenhouse:

  • Independent power generation for self-consumption.
  • Unique semi-transparent PV roof creates enhanced growing environment for plants.
  • Roof can absorbs UV light that scorches plants and encourages mildew.
  • Maintains a more consistent temperatures inside – cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Superior components with longterm guarantee support.
  • Wide range of PV panels and other solar equipment, including BIPV solutions.

Our services for solar greenhouses

Avenston’s turnkey offer includes detailed engineering of the project, solar equipment supply, construction and installation works, quality controls and all necessary commissioning tests as well as subsequent maintenance support during lifetime. A full list of our services can be found in the relevant section of this website. With Avenston you will receive the maximum technical expertise and professional support at all stages of your PV project.


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