Solar power plant for a shopping center

Solar power plants are often used to replace some of the energy consumption of modern stores, shopping centers and other commercial properties. Such solar power plants can be installed on the roofs and facades of commercial buildings and generate solar energy for their own consumption or sale of surplus to external grids. Using solar power to power a shopping mall is a great idea. Malls, with their large expanses of flat roof space, are a logical place to install solar panels.

Any business related to trade, in one way or another, consumes electrical energy. Accordingly, the use of solar power plants is economically justified and expedient. The use of solar electricity for own needs is effective both for small retail outlets and for large trade enterprises (shops, markets, shopping centers). In addition, it is possible to build on-grid solar power plants to sell all generated electricity (or unused surplus) on the free market. The choice of one or another option for the use of solar panels depends on the needs of a particular enterprise and electricity prices.

Among Ukrainian retail chains, solar batteries are actively used by large shopping and entertainment centers, shops such as “Silpo”, mini-markets at gas stations, small trade pavilions, and many other trading enterprises. Solar power plants for a commercial business can significantly reduce energy costs (lighting, air conditioning, etc.) and increase the environmental friendliness of your business.

Why shopping malls should go to solar electricity?

Investing in a solar power system can be the smartest investment that a shopping mall owner will ever make. In fact, many famous shopping malls worldwide have been making clean energy shift with solar roofs in the past years. Solar roofs for shopping centers have numerous benefits.

There are a few of the significant benefits of solar panels for shopping malls or commercial centers:

  • Shopping malls are some of the best candidates to install solar panels because they’re open for almost 16 hours a day with utilities such as air-conditioning, lighting, elevators, escalators, food court facilities that are running all day. As a result, shopping malls are sensitive towards increasing electricity prices and are over dependent on expensive diesel backup power. Solar panels for malls are a practical solution and guaranteed to produce free electricity for 25-30 years.
  • Solar power can provide electricity even when the grid has an outage. Electricity can be stored in batteries until it is needed during an emergency or when the sun goes down. Solar power provides an efficient source of power.
  • Renewable energy produces zero pollution. Installing solar panels on shopping mall rooftops provides great publicity for reducing pollution. Protect your shopping mall against future electric rate hikes and attract more customers with your green reputation.

Services Avenston

Our company builds solar power plants for shops and shopping centers, performing all the necessary functions of a general contractor. We design and build solar power plants for shopping malls, as well as provide services for their subsequent maintenance. Avenston’s commercial solar power plant is a reliable and profitable investment in solar energy.


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