Solar inverters (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid)

Solar inverters belong to the most important elements of any solar power station. On-grid solar inverters convert direct current (DC), generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) and work only in case of voltage in the external grid. Backup and autonomous solar inverters can operate without an external grid just using batteries. In addition to current conversion, modern inverters can work as intellectual system, imposed by general control and operational management all over the grid.

Steka solar inverters

The Steca brand is synonymous with innovation and strategic vision in three key market segments: on-grid solar power plants, off-grid or hybrid solar power plants, and thermal solar systems.
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Goodwe solar inverters

Goodwe solar PV inverters are suitable for various purposes for private and commercial solar power plants. The company's products have many series and modifications for any needs and requirements.
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Fronius solar inverters

Fronius is a well-known Austrian manufacturer of reliable solar inverters. This company has many years of experience in the solar energy market.
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KACO solar inverters

KACO solar photovoltaic inverters are suitable for small and large photovoltaic systems and feature extensive standard equipment. New KACO blueplanet products - your path to an independent, renewable and efficient energy supply.
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Sungrow solar inverters

Sungrow Power Supply Co has been a manufacturer of high-tech inverter equipment for energy projects for over 20 years.
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Three-phase inverters Solis Ginlong Technologies

Solis three-phase series inverters are suitable for difference PV projects with three phase input, which are also perfect models for household, industrial and commercial, as well as small & medium size distributed PV system installations. IP65 design
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Three-phase inverters SMA Solar Technology

Our group has long-term and fruitful cooperation with SMA Solar Technology company. We use their equipment in many projects since 2012.
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Huawei on-grid solar inverters

Huawei provides services and high-quality products all over the world. One of the most important directions of the company’s business activity is a development of solutions and products for solar energy, including the manufacturing of high-quality solar inverters
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Three types of inverters can be distinguished: autonomous, grid connected and multifunctional (hybrid). Off-grid inverters are part of a separate photovoltaic system and are not connected to an external electrical grid. Synchronous or on-grid inverters work in conjunction with a centralized power supply system – if there are malfunctions in the grid, the inverter automatically shuts down. To work in a grid where both the consumption of “standard” electricity and the energy from solar PV modules are combined, the use of so-called hybrid solar inverters is possible.

Depending on the installed capacity of the solar power plant, it is possible to use small string solar inverters or more powerful central inverters. The choice of this or that type of inverter occurs at the stage of designing a solar power plant and engineers take into account a large number of technical, economic and other parameters.

Many years of practical experience in the use and maintenance of solar inverters allowed us to accumulate the necessary statistics and renounce the use of models and brands that have proved themselves negatively in terms of quality, reliability or service support. We work only with reliable manufacturers of solar inverters. This is exactly the main advantage of cooperation with Avenston: we have guaranteed quality of your inverter equipment from trusted manufacturers, such as Huawei, Sungrow, SMA, Solis and some others. Avenston is your reliable supplier of inverters for solar power plants.


The most popular types of modern solar PV power systems

Solar power plants for self-consumption

Avenston designs and builds commercial solar PV power plants. Power generation for self-consumption is an efficient and profitable solution to reduce energy costs for enterprises.
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On-grid Solar Power Plants

This type of solar power plant is used to run parallel to the electrical grid to save on utility bills. Surplus solar electricity can be transferred to the external grid as needed.
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Backup Solar Power Systems

Use of backup solar power-stations together with systems of electric power accumulation and storage allows to completely avoid interruptions in electric power supply.
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Stand-alone Solar Systems

Stand-alone off-grid photovoltaic systems are used where there is no centralized power lines (construction is difficult or economically not feasible) or for power supply to mobile objects.
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Types of Solar PV Systems

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