KACO solar inverters

KACO solar photovoltaic inverters are suitable for small and large photovoltaic systems and feature extensive standard equipment. New KACO blueplanet products – your path to an independent, renewable and efficient energy supply. There are various solutions for monitoring the system – for both beginners and professionals. With the right accessories, you can meet individual or advanced technical requirements, such as network management and photovoltaic system management. KACO simplifies energy storage in homes or small businesses with hybrid inverters. For large commercial or industrial energy storage systems, select the flexible inverter from our range. Industrial users can achieve even greater energy efficiency with reactive power inverters.

String inverters for utility-scale solar PV plants

String inverters from KACO new energy are large enough to keep installation and maintenance manageable; small enough to avoid costly yield losses:

  • String inverters with 1100 Volt or 1500 Volt input voltage
  • Special properties for extreme climatic conditions
  • Comfortable handling,
  • Simple logistics
  • Cost-effective solutions for reactive power as well as grid and system protection
  • Lean commissioning and maintenance via remote services
  • Fitting pre- and after-sales services

Inverters for commercial and industrial PV and battery storage

Saving energy costs and reducing the CO2 footprint are important issues. Three effective ways to achieve more energy efficiency are: Generating and consuming renewable energy with a low-maintenance solar PV plant Integrating a battery storage system, reducing the need for expensive reactive power. KACO new energy supplies the right inverters for any and all of these measures.

Reactive power optimization

Unlike active power, no consumers can be operated with reactive power. However, it is required to generate magnetic fields and to transmit the active power in the power grid. As a result, the reactive power oscillates between generator and consumer and burdens both the power lines and your energy costs. It is possible to reduce or completely avoid these costs by means of in-house reactive power compensation. Such a system is able to both provide and resume reactive power. In this way, you can reduce the proportion of reactive power that you obtain from the energy supplier to zero. A system for reactive power compensation can be retrofitted. Or maybe you are planning new buildings or have an extension in mind: In this case, even the dimensioning of the connected load can be shifted in your favor and investments in transformers otherwise required can be dispensed with. Everything is possible with the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly from KACO new energy. Results is a very short payback period at low investment costs.

Inverters for residential solar PV and energy storage

The best idea for home use of electricity is a solar photovoltaic installation. KACO inverters help supply household appliances with clean energy from their own rooftop solar power plant. This significantly reduces the amount of electricity that homeowners buy from an external energy supplier. Excessive solar energy can either be supplied to an external network or temporarily stored using systems based on hybrid inverters – for example, to charge electric cars after sunset.

Pre- and After-Sales Services

Avenston is a partner of KACO in Ukraine. We have deeply studied the entire range of company products and offer their use in our projects. High quality, prompt service support, ease of installation and subsequent operation are the key to the successful implementation of any solar project. KACO inverters, implemented with the help of Avenston specialists, will help you achieve the desired technical and financial results. Planning and design have a fundamental impact on how well your solar power plant will run. On request, Avenston’s experts assist you in finding the optimum system layout.


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