Sungrow solar inverters

Sungrow Power Supply Co has been a manufacturer of high-tech inverter equipment for energy projects for over 20 years. The wide range of products includes inverters for photovoltaic systems, wind energy converters, energy storage systems and systems for floating solar power plants. The company has stepped up its focus in global markets and international promotion, with expected exponential growth in exports. With the SG2500U central inverter, also UL 1741-SA certified, Sungrow is the first supplier of products that meet the latest industry requirements and standards.

солнечный инвертор

In 2019, the company introduced in Ukraine its innovative series of CX&HX inverters, including the largest string inverters – from SG33CX, SG40CX, SG50CX to SG110CX and SG250HX. These inverters have been designed to meet the latest customer needs and global high-tech trends. In addition, they have additional innovative features, such as anti-PID and PID recovery, power to the tracking device, as well as a housing with high resistance to corrosion, which is applied due to the experience of working with floating power plants.

Avenston is a longtime partner of Sungrow and recommends the use of this manufacturer’s solar inverters for commercial solar power plants. On-grid Sungrow inverters, in combination with popular types of solar panels, provide stable and efficient generation of electricity for self-consumption of your enterprise or sale to an external grid. In our company, you can buy on-grid solar inverters Sungrow, maintaining the direct manufacturer’s warranty and receiving all the benefits of official service.


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