Solar cables and connectors

When constructing solar power plants during the installation of equipment, it is very important to use high-quality electrical materials, such as connecting cables, connectors and splitters. In the case of outdoor installation, cable and conductor products are exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture and direct sunlight. When using components that do not meet all technical requirements, poor-quality electrical contact can lead to failure of the solar power plant as a whole.

Our company complements its facilities with products manufactured according to the most advanced technologies and meeting the latest quality requirements, as evidenced by relevant certificates. The cable for solar power plants does not support spontaneous combustion, and therefore cannot be a fire hazard. This is due not only to insulation having resistance to fire, but also to the lack of sensitivity to short circuits. The service life, regardless of the conditions inside the building or on the street, reaches 25 years.

We offer the most innovative and modern solar energy technologies to our customers, Avenston presents selected assortment of cables and other components necessary to build solar power-stations and to provide their high productivity and reliability.

Solar power for business

Solar PV power plant for the food industry

We build solar power plants for food industry businesses. Avenston's solar power systems can be installed on the roofs of factories or administrative buildings to produce clean and cheap "solar" electricity.
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Solar power plants for production facilities

Solar energy technologies are being actively implemented in various sectors of the economy. Enterprises from many industries use solar power plants to generate green electricity for their own consumption or sale.
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Solar power plants for warehouses and logistics centers

We design and build modern solar energy solutions for companies operating in the field of logistics and having their own warehouses, logistics centers or other buildings of various types.
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Solar power plants for agriculture

Solar PV power plants for agricultural enterprises are designed and built in a special way to use available arable land for growing agricultural products and generating electricity at the same time.
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Application examples of solar power plants

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