Solar power plant for a cottage town

Solar power plants are actively used to organize energy supply for both individual houses and cottage villages. Individual territorial communities, villages, dacha cooperatives, towns and cottage townships can take advantage of modern solar energy solutions. To improve the efficiency of the photovoltaic system, it makes sense to install solar panels not separately at each house, but to combine them into a single system that can cover the electricity needs of a large number of buildings located close to each other.

Solar panels can be installed both on the roofs of each house, connecting to a common system, or located near a settlement on a separate piece of land. In both cases, the parameters of a solar power plant are selected based on the tasks of supplying power to all consumers, and the efficiency of the entire solution increases significantly. Solar power plants are a reliable source of cheap and environmentally friendly electricity for your consumption with the possibility of selling the surplus to the general grid.

The use of modern solar energy technologies for joint use in the village has many advantages:

  • The possibility of replacing part of the consumption of electrical energy due to its own cheaper generation;
  • Reducing energy costs with the possibility of transition to full autonomy, provided that hybrid energy supply systems based on RES with BESS, smart-grid solution, etc.
  • Low level of current operating costs for the photovoltaic equipment;
  • Lack of noise, vibration and emissions during the operation of a solar power plant;
  • High reliability and predictability of equipment operation;
  • Automatic operation of a solar power plant.

Our services for the construction of solar power plants for cottage townships and villages

For over 10 years, Avenston has been developing specialized photovoltaic solutions and building solar power plants of all types. We plan and accompany all stages of the construction of photovoltaic systems: development of project documentation, supply of a complete set of equipment, construction, installation and commissioning, as well as subsequent operation and maintenance. Solar power plants for cottage townships and settlements are a reliable investment in a stable and independent power supply for the entire community for several decades to come. Avenston is your professional solar energy partner.


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