Solar power plant for elevator and grain storage

Solar power plants are used in various industries, including agriculture. Modern solar panels are installed on the ground, allowing you to combine the production of electricity with growing plants or grazing animals on the same site, they are mounted in greenhouses, and are also used to cover their own electricity consumption at such facilities as warehouses, granaries, hangars and other structures in agriculture.

Energy costs continue to creep up year to year. Ground and rooftop solar power plants are a reliable source of cheap and clean electricity. Elevators and grain silos increasingly see the value of using solar power to self-consumption and even out the demand peaks. The return on investment is fairly quick. And lifetime is more than 25 years with at least 85% of guaranteed energy production in comparison to the first year generation level.

Among the wide range of advantages of solar power plants are the following:

  • Substitution of a significant part of the electrical energy consumption by its own solar generation;
  • Long-term fixing of the cost of electricity below market prices;
  • Increasing its competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets by reducing energy costs;
  • High reliability and predictability of the solar power plant operation;
  • The ability to use lands unsuitable for other uses.

Installation of solar panels for grain elevators and granaries is a particular case of using solar power plants for agricultural enterprises. Investments in solar energy can improve business reliability by reducing production costs and increasing its competitiveness. An investment in a solar power plant has a stable payback several times over the entire life of the equipment, which makes it one of the most profitable long-term investments.

One example of the systemic application of solar energy technologies is the Omelyanenko farm from the Kyrovograd region, which has installed several ground-based on-grid solar power plants near its own granaries. One of these solar power plants (“Sunflower-90” ground-based PV farm) was the first commercial solar project in Ukraine using moving mounting structures (solar trackers) designed to find optimum direction to the sun in real-time.

Avenston services for the construction of solar power plants for elevators and granaries

Avenston Group, as a general contractor, has been building solar power plants of various types since 2010. We plan and accompany all stages of installation of photovoltaic systems: pre-design and design work, equipment assembly, construction and commissioning, as well as subsequent operation and maintenance. Solar power plants for elevators and granaries are a reliable investment in a stable power supply for several decades to come. Avenston is your trusted solar partner for the agricultural and logistics industry.


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