Solar power system for gas station

Solar power plants are widely used to supply power to petrol stations (gas stations) and other automotive infrastructure. Solar panels can be installed both on the roofs of gas stations, and next to them in the form of solar canopies, including those that function as covered parking lots or charging stations for electric vehicles.

Among Ukrainian gas station chains, solar PV panels are actively used by WOG, OKKO, KLO, and other operators. Solar power plants for gas stations have already enabled these companies to significantly reduce their energy costs and improve the environmental friendliness of their businesses.

What makes gas stations a good candidate for solar PV solution implementation?

  • The energy needs of fuel stations has long expanded past petrol, air pumps, and gas. There’s a full mini-market attached to most now, with multiple fridges and a coffee machines, not to mention the extra lighting requirements. And also very important issue is that electricity prices keep rising. Solar solutions provides a way for stations to reliably reduce their electricity costs.
  • Petrol stations operate all hours of the day, from early morning till late at night. Solar systems offers a way to offset daytime electricity costs.
  • There are flat roofs on most petrol stations. Solar panels can be installed at the ideal south-facing direction.
  • PV is a simple way to reduce electricity costs without reducing what your business offers, so your petrol station business can retain the new income streams from the mini-markets.

Petrol stations are able to reduce their electricity bills by 30%. The increased cashflow allows to reinvest money back into the business, or to simply reduce costs and offset carbon emissions. Gas stations in remote areas can obtain benefit by solar, too.

Services Avenston

Our company builds solar power plants for gas stations. We design and build solar power plants for gas stations and charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as provide services for their subsequent maintenance. Avenston’s commercial solar power plant is a reliable and profitable investment in solar energy.


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