Сонячні інвертори SMA (НІмеччина)

SMA inverters for rooftop PV plants

At the beginning of spring, many enterprises and organizations decide to install their own solar power plants, which can be built and put into operation within the next 2-3 months. The implementation of the photovoltaic project in the spring allows them to use the summer period of high solar activity as effectively as possible and to start occupying the capital investments made in the spring as soon as possible. Our group of companies promotes the wide implementation of solar energy technologies and conducts regular spring sales of SMA on-grid inverters with a capacity of up to 60 kW. During the month, we offer our customers and partners favourable conditions and the most attractive prices for inverter equipment for solar power plants.

Avenston has been supporting long-standing and successful cooperation with SMA Solar Technology for many years. We have been using inverters by this manufacturer in our projects since 2012 and are an official trade partner of SMA in Ukraine. This manufacturer confidently occupies the top position in the ratings of the best global manufacturers of solar inverters. SMA products are in demand on all continents and have proven themselves very well in hundreds of projects in Ukraine. In recent years, the level of technical and service support has increased significantly, which will further contribute to the further popularity of the brand in Ukraine.

For the current conditions of purchasing SMA equipment, contact the sales department of the company Avenston. We have got equipment from various manufacturers available, and we also carry solar inverters to order. We work without the participation of long chains of intermediaries, having established direct contractual relations with direct manufacturers of photovoltaic equipment or their local representative offices. We provide full warranty and service support.

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