Cooperation with Ukrainian Energy Freedom Coalition

On March, 2023, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between our company “Avenston” and the NGO “Ukrainian Coalition of Energy Freedom”. The goal of this long-term joint work is the parties’ interaction to create conditions conducive to the transition to energy systems based on the principles of freedom of activity, inclusiveness and decentralization.

Energy consumption continues to rise as demographic and economic growth drive demand for electricity – by 2050, global energy demand could increase by 40-60%. Transition management is a serious task, but it is increasingly being characterized as a new opportunity. Understanding all this, we do not want to be on the sidelines and strive to make the greatest possible contribution to the clean future of our country, to introduce conditions for new business models of work in the energy markets.

Together, we want and plan to provide citizens with cheap, clean and safe energy, our cooperation will help to understand and convey the critical importance of ease of connection to energy networks and the overall operation of the energy market for the further recovery and modernization of Ukraine. “Avenston” and “Ukrainian Coalition of Energy Freedom” will do everything possible to create a clear and transparent procedure for connecting consumers and producers of energy and fuel to energy networks. At the same time, the transition to open energy markets should be with equal rules of the game for all their participants.

In the process of fulfilling the goal and task of our joint work, we will create and support various online information resources and events, conduct analytical research. And for the sake of successful and productive interaction, we will build equal and honest relations, we will provide comprehensive support to each other and other partners for the purposes of our memorandum.


Reference: NGO “Ukrainian Coalition of Energy Freedom” is a community that promotes the vision of the Ukrainian energy system of the future as one based on the principles of freedom of activity, inclusiveness and decentralization.

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