Investments in solar energy projects

Avenston invites investors to cooperate in the joint implementation of projects in the field of solar energy. We are talking about the construction of commercial solar power plants on the territory of Ukraine and Eastern Europe and the subsequent sale of the solar electricity produced by them on the free PPA market. The attractiveness of long-term investments in commercial solar power plants is due to their high profitability and payback period of up to 5 years. This is achieved thanks to the constant growth of electricity tariffs, as well as the reduction of prices for equipment for solar power plants, while simultaneously increasing its efficiency. Solar energy is one of the fastest growing segments of the energy market and shows constant trends of annual stable increase in the number and total installed capacity of newly built solar power plants.

Портфель проєктів Авенстон

Our company has many years of practical experience in the successful implementation of solar projects with a capacity of tens of kilowatts to tens of megawatts. We have been in the industry since 2010, and the core of our team has been professionally involved in solar energy since 2001, which is more than 20 years. Avenston performs a full cycle of works, including project development, development of project documentation, assembly and construction of solar power plants, reconstruction of power substations, connection to networks, operation and maintenance. We actively participate in the development of new projects, constantly monitor and analyze the market of RTB projects, and co-invest and finance the construction of rooftop and ground solar power plants. The priority direction of our investment activity is the search and implementation of projects on partnership terms.

If you are interested in the solar energy market of Ukraine and you are ready to accept existing local risks, while understanding at the same time the great potential for obtaining an increased rate of return compared to more conservative markets, we are open to discussing possible ways of cooperation. The successful experience of participation in the construction of industrial solar power plants as a developer, investor, general contractor and operator of the commercial operation of such facilities allows Avenston to provide added value to projects in which we participate as a partner.

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