Work in the field of solar energy

If you are looking for a job in the field of solar energy, want to connect your career with “green” energy, dream of taking part in large projects, are not afraid of challenges and strive to achieve results, we would be glad to meet you.

We offer you the opportunity to join our team. Avenston is a Ukrainian company specializing in project management and implementation of renewable energy technologies. Our focus is on projects primarily related to the use of solar energy, BESS and other renewable energies. Currently, we are actively expanding our staff and have several interesting vacancies:

  • Business Development Director;
  • Sales and Marketing Director;
  • Marketer;
  • PR manager;
  • B2B Sales Manager (solar power plants);
  • Key Account Manager;
  • Design Engineer;
  • Project Manager for the construction of solar power plants;
  • Purchasing Manager (foreign economic activity).

We offer decent pay, work in a cool team of professionals, freedom to implement your ideas and many other goodies. If you are full of enthusiasm and have a desire to develop in the field of clean energy, contact us.


HR department of Avenston:

  • +380 (66) 508-07-64 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Cooperative Solar Farms

People interested in harvesting the sun’s energy, can now participate in a unique program – the Sol Partners Cooperative Solar Farm. One of the major advantages of the program is that United Power will maintain the solar farm – the customer only pays for the cost of the panel. It is anticipated that one 210 watt panel will produce about a 3% return on its investment or approximately $32 per year in electricity credits.
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Geothermal energy: passed stage or step into the future

Geothermal energy has become a new hope for deceleration of climate change just only 10 years ago. What is the potential of geothermal energy on our planet? Let's examine it step by step.
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Solar Market Outlook for 2021-2025

Solar market again reached a new annual record of 18% growth, with 138 GW installed in 2020. Fortunately, global demand for solar installations did not shrink at all despite COVID-19.
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Wind power

Energy from wind was being already used in Ukraine in the 19th century. In 1917, in the territory of Ukraine there were about 30 000 windmills generating up to 200 000 kWh of energy per year.
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