Technologies and solutions for infrastructure recovery

Avenston will take part in the event “Construction technologies and autonomous solutions for infrastructure restoration”, which will be held in Kyiv on July 4, 2023. Event format:

  • The exhibition is a platform for demonstrating solutions, technologies, materials and products from domestic and international companies
    The business program is the holding of two parallel panels, segmented according to the main directions:
  • Construction technologies: innovative solutions and modern materials – a platform for the exchange of opinions, ideas and experiences between specialists in the construction industry, contractors, investors and authorities on joint actions and opportunities in the restoration of damaged infrastructure.

Energy infrastructure: autonomous solutions and energy-efficient technologies – discussion of current problems and challenges caused by military aggression, search for effective solutions and creation of partnerships between participants: state institutions, business representatives, industry associations and donor programs.

We are waiting for you on July 4, 2023 at the Mercure Congress Centre.

Methods for determining the soiling assessment of solar PV arrays

Solar panels, especially those mounted on fixed structures, practically do not require complex maintenance. However, electricity generation can be significantly reduced due to surface contamination of solar panels. This article will be devoted to the study of this issue.
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Investment in solar energy

Solar energy is another fun for rich countries and a question of the distant future, or is it a real opportunity, despite the difficult economic and political conditions of today's Ukraine, to make money now?
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The use of solar panels in commercial enterprises

The use of renewable electricity sources is becoming more and more common in the world. The fact is that energy tariffs are constantly growing, and environmental requirements are becoming more stringent.
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Prospects for the development of the solar energy industry

Dmytro Lukomskyi, the CEO of Avenston, an investor and top manager who got the Person of the Year award in the Eastern European sustainable energy industry at SEF Awards 2018 and SEF Awards 2019, covered for LDaily readers the issues of solar energy and their causes, as well as proposed solutions that will help the industry get out of the crisis.
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