Technologies and solutions for infrastructure recovery

Avenston will take part in the event “Construction technologies and autonomous solutions for infrastructure restoration”, which will be held in Kyiv on July 4, 2023. Event format:

  • The exhibition is a platform for demonstrating solutions, technologies, materials and products from domestic and international companies
    The business program is the holding of two parallel panels, segmented according to the main directions:
  • Construction technologies: innovative solutions and modern materials – a platform for the exchange of opinions, ideas and experiences between specialists in the construction industry, contractors, investors and authorities on joint actions and opportunities in the restoration of damaged infrastructure.

Energy infrastructure: autonomous solutions and energy-efficient technologies – discussion of current problems and challenges caused by military aggression, search for effective solutions and creation of partnerships between participants: state institutions, business representatives, industry associations and donor programs.

We are waiting for you on July 4, 2023 at the Mercure Congress Centre.

Agroenergy business as a potential engine of the Ukrainian economy

According to AVENSTON experts, the development of agrivoltaic technologies is a highly efficient area for optimizing the Ukrainian energy system, in the face of the increasing share of variable generation using RES. Therefore, our company made a decision on a strategic move towards projects that integrate advanced technologies.
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Hydrogen and RES: global applying practices

We already know a lot about renewable energy sources, but in recent years the topic of hydrogen has been raised more and more often. What is the role of the light chemical element of the Mendeleev periodic table in the renewable energy generation system? How do hydrogen production processes take place, and what are the global practices for its use?
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Сheap electricity by solar

The current prices for photovoltaic equipment (solar modules, inverters, etc.) and the climatic conditions of Ukraine make it possible to obtain cheap and environmentally friendly electricity using solar power plants.
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The attractiveness of Ukrainian solar energy

In 2017, a new record for the capacity of solar power plants put into operation in Ukraine could be set.
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