Sales of Goodwe solar inverters


Our group of companies is an importer of equipment for solar power plants, including solar inverters from well-known global manufacturers. We are currently having a sale of Goodwe on-grid inverters in the power range from 5 to 60 kW. We offer favourable conditions and attractive prices for equipment for solar power plants. The number of promotional equipment is limited. Goodwe solar on-grid inverters can be used as part of private and commercial solar power plants to provide efficient conversion of direct current from solar panels to alternating current, which is more suitable for further use by consumers.

Goodwe inverters are based on modern developments and technologies and allow for increased electricity generation. The manufacturing company has a wide range of on-grid and hybrid inverters for solar PV power plants and is among the top ten global manufacturers of solar inverters. The company’s products are used in rooftop and commercial photovoltaic systems in dozens of countries around the world. High-efficiency and low-cost Goodwe inverters allow for easy and convenient installation, simple operation and maintenance.

For all questions regarding the purchase of Goodwe equipment at promotional prices, please contact the sales department of the Avenston company. It is possible to order inverters of this and other brands. Our procurement department has many years of hands-on experience in supplying solar energy equipment and materials. We work without the participation of long chains of intermediaries, having established direct contractual relations with direct manufacturers of equipment or their local representative offices.

Energy Generation Forecast for Solar Power Plants

Forecasts of future solar energy system output allows grid operators and utilities to proactively manage variable output, and thus integrating solar resources into the existing grid at lower costs to society.
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«Low energy transition»

There is the only one expert opinion at present - we are in for the global electrification of the transition to renewable energy sources and the associated transformation of infrastructure in all areas. Further development of solar power generation will be the most powerful driver of these processes. What are the obvious and hidden factors that will prompt to such changes?
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How to choose a solar PV panel?

Our company, relying on the long-term experience of production and sales of equipment for solar power-stations, offers some advices, how to make correct choice of good solar panels.
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Types of solar inverters

Inverters play an important role in solar power plants. Solar panels generate direct current, while the electrical grid operates on alternating voltage. Inverters convert the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current.
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