Guaranteed power supply for businesses

Due to regular interruptions in the supply of electricity to commercial enterprises from the grid, the issue of using additional sources of electricity that can generate and store energy for use when there is no voltage in the grid is becoming more and more relevant. For more than 4 years, the Avenston company has been developing a field of activity related to the implementation of backup power systems for commercial enterprises. We design, install and put different off-grid, backup and hybrid systems into operation using batteries or more powerful energy storage equipment.

Our company provides a full range of turnkey works and services for the installation of backup power supply systems – from design to commissioning. Our technical solutions can be used in any business that has appropriate tasks and needs. It can be administrative premises, production workshops, trade shops, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. Avenston cooperates with the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries and inverter equipment, which allows us to ensure a high level of quality and reliability of energy supply to our customers’ facilities. If necessary, our systems can be equipped with solar panels and generators.

We invite enterprises and businesses that need a stable or uninterrupted power supply to cooperate. Engineering solutions from Avenston can work both when there is no connection to the power supply network and during a temporary power outage. Our services will allow your company to comfortably survive periods of no voltage. Get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your technical requirements in the best possible way.

Eastern European “Country of the Rising Sun”

Ukraine is one of the fastest developing countries in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in terms of renewable energy.
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Global flows of renewable energy investments

Reducing carbon emissions and limiting global warming this way require an increase in global renewable energy investments. How much does it invest in this sector and how are these finances distributed throughout the world? What are the prospects of investing in renewable energy sources in Ukraine?
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How to choose a solar PV panel?

Our company, relying on the long-term experience of production and sales of equipment for solar power-stations, offers some advices, how to make correct choice of good solar panels.
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Bringing Solar Power to The World

Renewable energies have experienced a massive surge in growth, popularity, and also necessity in recent years. The global warming crisis is not going away, and the constant overuse of non-renewable energy sources is fast depleting the human race of what it needs to survive. Renewables can solve that problem, but it takes true innovators and visionaries to make it happen.
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