Guaranteed power supply for businesses

Due to regular interruptions in the supply of electricity to commercial enterprises from the grid, the issue of using additional sources of electricity that can generate and store energy for use when there is no voltage in the grid is becoming more and more relevant. For more than 4 years, the Avenston company has been developing a field of activity related to the implementation of backup power systems for commercial enterprises. We design, install and put different off-grid, backup and hybrid systems into operation using batteries or more powerful energy storage equipment.

Our company provides a full range of turnkey works and services for the installation of backup power supply systems – from design to commissioning. Our technical solutions can be used in any business that has appropriate tasks and needs. It can be administrative premises, production workshops, trade shops, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. Avenston cooperates with the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries and inverter equipment, which allows us to ensure a high level of quality and reliability of energy supply to our customers’ facilities. If necessary, our systems can be equipped with solar panels and generators.

We invite enterprises and businesses that need a stable or uninterrupted power supply to cooperate. Engineering solutions from Avenston can work both when there is no connection to the power supply network and during a temporary power outage. Our services will allow your company to comfortably survive periods of no voltage. Get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your technical requirements in the best possible way.

RES and the electricity market on the eve of 2020

The electricity market of Ukraine is in a state of important changes preceding in-depth transformations in the application of the “green” tariff for the renewable energy industry in 2020. What is the current state of the renewable energy sector in Ukraine? What contributes, and what hinders the development of industry? Is Ukraine fully prepared for energy transition and decarbonization?
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Agroenergy business as a potential engine of the Ukrainian economy

According to AVENSTON experts, the development of agrivoltaic technologies is a highly efficient area for optimizing the Ukrainian energy system, in the face of the increasing share of variable generation using RES. Therefore, our company made a decision on a strategic move towards projects that integrate advanced technologies.
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Сheap electricity by solar

The current prices for photovoltaic equipment (solar modules, inverters, etc.) and the climatic conditions of Ukraine make it possible to obtain cheap and environmentally friendly electricity using solar power plants.
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Methods for determining the soiling assessment of solar PV arrays

Solar panels, especially those mounted on fixed structures, practically do not require complex maintenance. However, electricity generation can be significantly reduced due to surface contamination of solar panels. This article will be devoted to the study of this issue.
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