Looking for PV projects pipeline of 50-100 MW

For several months now, Avenston has been working as a technical advisor to a financial group that is going to invest in solar photovoltaic plants in Eastern Europe. Now we are actively looking for projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia or Macedonia. The expected total capacity of the future project portfolio is 50-100 MW. Our partner is interested in cooperation at all stages after development and until the solar power plants commissioning. Please contact us if you have information about PV projects for sale or any other propositions for cooperation.

Девелопмент сонячних електростанцій

Evolution and Growth in Conditions of Military Aggression

Interview with Dr. Dmytro Lukomskyi, co-founder and Chairman of the supervisory board of Avenston Group for tubetorial.com - about solar energy during military aggression by russia
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1 MW — AC or DC? Clarification from NKREKP

AVENSTON received a clarification letter from NKREKP on the important issue for investors regarding the mechanism for calculating the installed capacity of facilities of legal entities that produce electricity from solar energy.
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What does solar energy expect in 2019?

According to the analysis of previous reports on the results of 2018, solar energy has demonstrated itself in the best way among all types of RES, lending its development potential to the current year.
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Geothermal energy: passed stage or step into the future

Geothermal energy has become a new hope for deceleration of climate change just only 10 years ago. What is the potential of geothermal energy on our planet? Let's examine it step by step.
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