The design of PV power plant has been developed

Avenston Engineering specialists have completed the development of design documentation for a commercial rooftop solar power plant. The purpose of this project is the production of cheap and environmentally friendly “solar” electricity, which will be used to partially cover the facility’s own needs. The design was carried out in one stage in compliance with all requirements and standards for objects of this type.

According to the approved design solutions, monocrystalline solar panels will be installed on a flat roof using ballast support structures that do not require intervention in the existing roof structure. The solar power plant is based on highly efficient solar inverters with a capacity of 100 and 60 kW from the world’s leading manufacturer – Huawei. Taking into account the specifics of this facility, a power collection box was developed, and the appropriate equipment for the protection systems of the solar power plant was also selected.

Based on the technical solutions of this project, work is underway to design several more solar power plants, which are at different stages of implementation. In addition, the Avenston project team is developing projects for solar power plants on parking sheds, facade BIPV systems, and other solar power plant options.

Since 2010, our company has been providing full support for projects for the implementation of solar energy solutions for commercial enterprises. We select the optimal technical solution, develop project documentation, supply equipment, build solar power plants, and provide maintenance services throughout the equipment’s life. The warranty for a solar power plant is 10 years, and the service life is 25 years or even more.

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