Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

It so happened that our peaceful, kind, and free Ukraine, which has never threatened anyone and never attacked anybody, was treacherously attacked in the back by an enemy hiding behind completely senseless motives. It was very hard and painful to believe in the reality of what happened. But now it is our life. There is the confrontation between good, democratic values, and freedom versus dark evil, which can infect the whole world with its metastases if it is not quickly and ruthlessly stopped. Ukrainians are destined to be at the forefront of this struggle and to defend not only their native land but also to defend the entire civilized world, setting an example of invincibility, invincibility, and fortitude. The will to freedom among Ukrainians is so great that neither our friends nor our enemies could adequately assess it. For the first – it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and for the second – the cause of their inevitable disaster.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine protect our peaceful country and effectively destroy the enemy who vilely invaded Ukraine. They are helped by the country’s entire population, which quickly rallied against the external threat. Every family, every citizen today is making every effort to ensure that our victory comes as soon as possible. Every day we see news about war crimes against our country and civilians. But our spirit and will to win is only getting stronger. The Ukrainians remain calm and sensible and are increasingly hitting the enemy in all directions. The war is not only on the battlefields. The war is going on in the information space and the economic sphere. We have a strategic advantage everywhere. The enemy will surely be defeated. Ukraine will win. We will restore everything that was destroyed and build many new beautiful houses, bridges, roads, power plants, factories, warehouses. Ukraine will flourish and become even better. Everything will be fine. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

RES and the electricity market on the eve of 2020

The electricity market of Ukraine is in a state of important changes preceding in-depth transformations in the application of the “green” tariff for the renewable energy industry in 2020. What is the current state of the renewable energy sector in Ukraine? What contributes, and what hinders the development of industry? Is Ukraine fully prepared for energy transition and decarbonization?
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O&M Services for Solar Power Plants

High-quality operation and maintenance (O&M) are one of the main ways to ensure the most highly efficient operation of a solar power plant. AVENSTON prepared an overview of the major malfunctions and their impact on solar power plant performance.
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Geothermal power plants: advantages and disadvantages

Some researchers believe that geothermal energy will eventually be about 1/6 of the global energy supply, while others, on the contrary, give it a minimal chance of further existence... It is your choice whether to invest in building a geothermal power station.
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ReneSola modules: high performance and power

Avenston specialists compared the main characteristics of PV modules produced by ten largest world manufacturers on the Ukrainian market.
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