Restoring solar power plants

Avenston Engineering is actively engaged in the restoration of solar power plants damaged as a result of the war with russia. Several solar energy facilities have already been repaired in the Kyiv region.

Avenston Engineering specialists restore the energy infrastructure for any type of solar power plants, including private solar power plants and commercial power supply systems. Avenston Engineering also works to restore traditional power supply systems that were damaged during the war.

We carry out diagnostics, draw up defective acts, perform repair and restoration work. We help to return any solar power plants to working conditions and take on the most difficult cases. Glory to Ukraine!

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the areas of renewable energy, which is based on the direct conversion of solar energy into other forms of energy, such as electricity or heat.
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On the development of alternative energy sources

In today's realities of growing global energy problems, the issues of transition to alternative sources of energy supply are becoming more and more urgent.
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Permissive and Management Consulting

Avenston offers a full list of permissive and management consulting services regarding civil, industrial and power facilities. 
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ReneSola modules: high performance and power

Avenston specialists compared the main characteristics of PV modules produced by ten largest world manufacturers on the Ukrainian market.
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