Оформление зеленого тарифа

Green tariff for PV power plants

The construction of solar power plants requires the correct organizational, legal and technical approach. Avenston provides comprehensive legal support at all stages of the implementation of projects for the construction of home and commercial solar power plants. If necessary, we provide full legal support, including obtaining all the necessary permits required for the commissioning of a solar power plant, registration of a “green” tariff for private and industrial solar power plants.

Registration of a “green” tariff (Ukraine) is one of the possible scenarios for owners of solar power plants. In addition, the law provides possibility to use tariffs for the sale of electricity through the auction system or the power generation for self-consumption. Installation of solar panels with a green tariff is an excellent option for private households, as well as for projects with an installed capacity of up to 1 MW. This also includes a “green” tariff options for an enterprise, medium and large business. One of the most demanded areas of Avenston’s work (besides the main activity in the design and construction of solar power plants) is the registration of a “green” tariff. This service is in demand among various investors in solar power plants, but it is gradually being replaced by the possibility of operating for one’s self-consumption or on a free electricity market.

Avenston has wide experience in the implementation of projects aimed to get a profit from the sale of electricity using «green» tariff. We support all the investment projects of our clients until the signing of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and receiving the first green payments. With Avenston company can be sure that your project will pass all stages as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost. Our company can get you necessary expert assistance on all matters related to «green» tariff for big industrial solar power projects as well as for grid-connected home solar power plants generating electricity for sale to the state. Please, contact our company, and Avenston’s experts will carry out comprehensive advice on all matters related to the «green» tariff in Ukraine.

Following fact stands in favor to choose Avenston: most of the projects, where we came forward as general contractor, were completed by connection of new-built solar PV power-stations to the grids using green tariff. Working with Avenston, you can be sure that your project will pass all stages as quickly as possible and with minimal expenses, and registration of green tariff will not take plenty of time.