Business Planning and Investment Modeling

Avenston company offers a service for business planning and investment modeling of projects using renewable energy in Ukraine. The result of our work is an individual project business plan developed for the needs of the investor, including financial modeling of future cash flows of the investment project according to the source data. A high-quality investment model significantly increases the attractiveness of the project and is an integral part of the decision-making process on the provision of credit resources.

Our management and research team has deep understanding of local market and legislation, specifics of industry’ sectors, macroeconomic trends and more. With our team, we also provide the invaluable ability to bridge the gap between the local market and well developed markets abroad; we’ll help you understand the local picture and how it fits in the broader global framework.

We provide extensive research coverage of renewable industry sectors. Our research is analytical, insightful and actionable. Our analysts have more than a decade experience covering Ukrainian clean energy market and are well-versed in technologies, market structure, growth factors, risk profiling and more. Our company offers various services into estimation and research of market environment: competitive analysis; business planning; strategic consulting; technology and equipment examinations; feasibility and technical research for any investment projects in solar energy field.

Avenston offers a range of services in the field of financial and investment analysis and business planning:

  • Business planning: drawing up and developing a business plan, feasibility study (feasibility study), financial modeling and drawing up financial models.
  • Investment analysis and examination of investment projects (assessment of return on investment, analysis of the investment attractiveness of assets and industries, economic forecasting and identification of business exit opportunities).
  • Market analysis (market characteristics, industry structure, price and pricing in the market, promotion strategy, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, market consolidation, etc.).
  • Valuation of business, commercial real estate, intangible assets.
  • Development of a basic strategy for attracting investments or other forms of project financing, based on the received initial data and constraints.
  • Development and justification of optimal schemes for financing investment projects, based on the results of investment analysis, financial modeling and market analysis.
  • Presentation of the project to co-investors, investors and banks, including the preparation of the necessary documentation, presentation materials, etc.